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Charlie Chaplin Warned Us!
Hollywood's The Great Dictator

We think that there are several options for "We, The People". We believe that the most important of all is to Spread The Word. When doing so, use simple terms. Be patient and teach people without insulting them (no name calling). Ignorance of the perilous times that we are living in is not their fault. This was planned by The Masters. They have studied how to fool The Slaves. This is no different than when the Europeans came to The Americas (their New World) and established their New World Order, exchanging Mirrors for the Gold of the Natives. As the reader can see: Nothing has changed. Same old idea, different presentation (now with a sleek make up).

There are several great websites out there but we think that the website of Grace Powers (Producer of Ring of Power - Amenstop Productions) is a must as it is quite different.

We are glad that we had to update this section with new proposals and with the new movement Occupy Wall Street (OWS). Below are some of the latest clips. Check also Live Stream. Check the YouTube videos from Anonymous. Beware that they seem to be infiltrated by The Masters' Agents.


Architecs & Engineers for 911 Truth. The Forensic Evidence provided would hold in any International Court that is willing to send to Trial the Criminal Gang that committed the 911 atrocities and the ones that follow (Afghanistan, Iraq, etc).

Excellent Advice is given at their website: They provide Expert Proof that 911 was not carried out by the alledged terrorist. They provide Expert Proof that the Government Lied about their own Conspiracy of 911.

Spread The Word on War Crimes and War Criminals. Of all the Crimes committed by the WMP, the most repugnant one are the ones related to the use of Radioactive Waste dumping on foreign land with Radioactive War Ammunition (i.e. Depleted Uranium or DU). Repeat the term Depleted Uranium and DU as often as you can so that everyone can discover The Horror perpetrated against innocent civilians. Remember that the excuse that "There Is No Scientific Proof" is identical to the one the Cigarette companies used for decades until whistle-blowers finally exposed the lie. The DU story cannot be explained away by The President. This is no different from The Holocaust caused by Hitler. Remember, Holocaust is Burnt Offering to a Deity (Lucifer or Satan in this case). Even the documentary 'Dealers in Death' (1934) uses the word. Teach The People About The Illegality Of Using DU. Show The Lectures by Physicist Doug Rokke (specialist on the topic). Show The Images Of The Deformed Babies caused by DU-Radioactivity. Explain that The Masters (who sponsor their Save-The-Earth programs) are the same that dump Radioactive Waste (DU) on civilians. Show The Wikileaks Footages of Targeted Civilians. None of The Above can be explained away by The Masters' Propaganda Machine: The (Neo)Fascist Media.

Eliminate The Ignorance of The People. Do not engage in name calling (e.g. "stupid"). We believe that Ignorance of 'We, The Zombie Slaves' (promoted and glamorized by The Masters) provides the best environment for The Masters to operate. As mentioned, in antiquity, Eclipses were a very useful tools for The Masters who, with the knowledge of the coming of Eclipses, would invoke The Gods and ask The People for Sacrifices to apeace The Gods (so that the light of the Sun would return). We should identify and recruit knowledgeable Teachers willing to educate those who are Ignorant. The Internet would be marvelous due to its Long-Distance Education capacity. To Help in the education process, students of The NWO should Stop Their TV Service.

Turn-Off The TV. We hope you have watched the clips from the movie Network (1976). Don't forget to keept Internet Service. Several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do exist.

Class Action Against Cable/Satellite TV Companies? We are not Legal Experts but we can think of a Class Action Against The Cable Services or TV Stations if they do not contribute to Society's Development. Check your local and regional bylaws to see if the TV Service Providers have obligations to promote Social Interests (e.g. Education). We will continue to explore these alternatives.

Do Not Loose Focus. Do Not Let Shills Change Your Focus into Divisive Discussion. Avoid The Zionist theme (important but misdirecting from the central issue). This is akin to putting your oxygen mask before putting it on your baby (as per airlines instruction manuals). Remember that The Masters invented Zionism and that they own and command The Zionists and the land they inhabit.

Do Not Fall Into The Propaganda Trap. Be critical. Remember that TV News is no longer reliable. Therefore, the good source of information is in the Internet.

Organize or Participate in Protest Marchs. Use Images and Symbols. We Suggest to identify NWO with 666 because is a number associated with The Beast, The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, etc. We ask the reader to visit the Appendix: The Beast's Pyramidal Web for more details.

Another Related Suggestion... During Marchs, use signs with the following simple message:


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Price Of Freedom = Eternal Vigilance
Alex Abella
The RAND Corporation


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