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Brave Judge Napolitano...
Fired For Speaking The Truth!

Comprehensive Timeline
Before & After 911
Paul Thompson & Friends

1934 Fascist Plot To Take Over USA

1958 Warning

1965 Warning

27/1/1961: JFK's Secret Societies Speech
17/4/1961: CIA-Planned Invasion of Cuba

17/1/1961: Military-Industrial Complex Speech
17/4/1961: CIA-Planned Invasion of Cuba


US+NATO Secret Terrorist Army

Planned To Use Planes Since 1960s

Their Criminal-Psychopathic
Superiority Complex


50 Year Old Cartoon Warned Us!


Note: When you visit the Cartoon page, have a look at examples of Subliminal or Hidden Messages (e.g. Disney's).

Alex Jones is credited for having prediced the False Flag Operation (FFO) of 911 with Bin Laden as The Boogyman" or Patsy. He did that in his broadcast of July 25, 2001.

The late Bill Cooper, in his radio broadcast of June 28, 2001, also warned us about a FFO with 911 scenario and with Bin Laden playing The Patsy.

Therefore, it seems that the only way to harmonize the obvious discrepancy is either to accept that Bill Cooper was the first who predicted 911 or to say that Bill Cooper confirmed in June 28th what Alex Jones predicted in July 25th. Please, note that this Cooper-Jones situation is not uncommon in distant areas such as Science and Technology, where discoveries represent funding for research and development and income where patents are concerned. Below we give comments of the late Cooper on Jones. We do not give Jones' comments because he is alive and he probably would update his opinion in time. Therefore, the reader should do an updated search on Jones' opinion.

Some believe that The Elite "neutralized" Bill Cooper for his commentary on the FFO and on the Obviously Fake CNN's interview of Osama Bin Laden. For Bill, the fact that little was known about Bin Laden, combined with the fake CNN interview, was a dead giveaway that a FFO like 911 was coming soon. Other explanations have been given and we leave the reader to do his/her investigation as this would take us far out of the main goals of our website.

The reader is encouraged to search the Internet (e.g. YouTube) for several CNN Reports that have been proven fake.

Please, note that Bill used the term "Luciferian". Thanks to Bill, by the time we entered 2012 we had figured out what Bill meant by Luciferians. Due to the complexity of their organization, we have prepared a new Appendix: The Beast's Pyramidal Web. One of the many Secret Societies that is seldom discussed is The Jewish Crime Sindicate discussed in the following clip. We note that the clip is presented by Dr. David Duke (a past KKK leader). As we have indicated from the start (see Main|Home Page), we are against KKK, Warmongering, Bigotry, etc. However, we consider compulsory the critical study of what others have to say. We judge The Message and not The Messenger's Past as we would have done for Malcom X who was a Pimp before becoming a prominent a Muslim Leader.

Myron C. Fagan Warned Us


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