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There are many beautiful Websites, YouTube Channels, Blogs, etc. However, we believe that a major flaw in most of these social media tools is that they do not address properly the person who has been on the sideline, the one that has absolutely no clue and/or the one who has a minimal education.

We want people to join the struggle by conviction and understanding. Therefore, an orderly (as opposed to chaotic) basic introduction to the subject is needed.

We feel ofended by the constant criticism by "Intellectuals" of the masses. That commonly used expression: "Are you stupid?" or alike. We will show that this predicament has been planned by The Masters and we will show the scientific basis for this.

Another serious problem we have seen is the patent penetration of these social network tools by the Misinformation Agents of The Masters. This problem is compounded by the Chaotic bickering (often offensive) within many discussions. Suffice to check YouTube and one will see that there are still channels that portray Arabs and Palestinians cheering for the 911 Attacks. It has been demonstrated, shortly after 911, that the misinformation tape used was an old tape 100% unrelated to 911. The network gave a 10-seconds excuse but the initial message got imprinted in the minds of the public (an old trick of the NeoFascist Propaganda Machine). Check in YouTube, Blogs, etc, the Anti-Semite comments against Arabs (including Palestinians). If you are confused with our use of Anti-Semite against Arabs concept, please check our section on The Masters' Words Game.

Again, be forewarned that we try to be direct and whenever possible, present controversial topics in order to stimulate the critical thinking of the individual. We are highly alarmed to have come to a conclusion we did not anticipate. Namely, that 911 was only the kick-off (so-to-speak) of the new season: The Push for The Psychopathic Plan for Global Domination (within The Grand Chessboard).

War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity have been, are being and will continue to be perpetrated by the US and its Allies (The Coalition of The Willing") on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, etc. The Psychopathic Warmongers-Megalomaniacs are ready for their invasion of Syria and Iran. Only the spector of a conflagration with Russia and China is holding The Psychopaths. The Masters want to break down the spirit of the peoples of the world (which we call The Slaves for clarity) so that they can fulfill their Psychopatic Dream of World Domination. Some Social Movements (e.g. The Zeitgeist Movement) are promoting this idea of World Domination in the pursue of Noble Ideals (which were tried before with terrible results).

It is our goal, through the use of the Internet and this website (a work always in progress), to stop the ongoing War Crimes and to prevent future ones.

We are fortunate to have the Internet to get the right information. Unfortunately, the Internet is flooded with good and bad information.

It is hard for the university-educated person to sort out good from bad. Therefore, it is even harder (and for some almost impossible) for the simple person to ascertain what is good in this voluminous sea of information.

For these reasons, we have used our decades of experience as university teachers and scientists to facilitate learning by the layperson.

In this website, we have tried to gather the best of the Internet to make the learning experience less tedious. It is very hard to compete with the Tools and Tricks of The Masters: Soap Operas, Sports, Video Games, Self-Directed & Individualistic Shows, etc.

As we discuss in the website, The Masters have Mind-Conditioned "We, The People" (which we now prefer to call 'We, The Zombie Slaves') to be addicted to NeoFascist, Mind-Conditioning Activities.

TV-Addiction has become a reality and the high-density of Couch Potatoes (250-500 pounders) serve as a powerful proof. Thus, in addition to having physically obese individuals, we have now mentally obese ones. As the Ancient Wisemen said: "Healthy Mind in Healthy Body" (from the Latin: "Mens sana in corpore sano").

We have been Mind-Conditioned by The Masters so that we can miss the The Reality of our going to The Slaughterhouse. It only takes a simple scan of the Daily TV Programming along the 100s of channels to see that no program serves the real interest of "We, The People". Instead, all we get are programs to distract us or to tell us that we have to be happy with The Masters pimping from us all our hard-earned money for their Psychopathic Warmongering, Megalomaniac and Imperialistic interests.

We hope that, by the end of this short course, the layperson has a firm grasp of the root causes of the grave problems we are facing today.

To simplify our teaching, we use The Masters' Satanic Actions on 911. 911 shows a clear picture of The Masters (even if indirectly, through their actions on that day and afterwards). A consequence of this learning experience is the knowledge of How To Help Solve Our Perilous Predicament.

War Crimes Are Committed By War Criminals. Therefore, along with the wonderful information that is appearing everyday, we are applying our Scientific background in Criminal Investigation to identify and answer various questions like: (1) What or Who Is It? or What or Who Are Them?, (2) How and/or Why did we allow these War Crimes to happen and to continue to happen? and, perhaps most importantly: (3) How do we stop these War Crimes and prevent future War Crimes?

One of the most worrysome situations that we face is the use of Radioactive Waste as Weapon. The Politically-Correct but Deceitful Commercial Brand Name for this Criminal Product is Depleted Uranium or DU. There are also reports of the US illegal use of Tactical Nuclear Weapons of 4-5 kilotons (and variants thereof). Therefore, we hope that the information provided in our website will help the reader find a solution and to Prevent the Proliferation of the Current Imperialistic Policies of the Warmonguering-Megalomaniacs (WM) in Power (WMP) under the veil of what The Masters and their Puppets call The New World Order (NWO) - modeled as:

Following the advice from The NeoFascist Thinktanks (particularly PNAC) the Warmongers-Megalomaniacs in Power (WMP) have pushed their Program of illegal and criminal invasions (Afghanistan and Iraq) to Libya, Pakistan and other countries. They are now doing their best to expand to Iran and other countries in the region. Heck, they have even built their new Capital City (which includes a very peculiar Pyramid) that is visited by The Chosen One (The UK Prince thought to be seated at the Helm of The NWO).


The idea, according to the PNAC document, is to prevent the rise of ther super-powers such as China and Russia. If this happens, there is a great likelyhood of a world-wide war (i.e. World War 3 or WW3). This WW3 will result in the death of hundreds of millions and devastation that our beautiful planet has never seen before. This would be great for The Masters' Depopulation Program.

Finally, Warmongering must be seen within the scope of Economics. The Masters will promote Illegal-and-Criminal Wars to pursue its ambitions. The Masters Megalomaniac, Psychopathy is paid by The Peoples of The World not only with their lives but also with their physical and mental suffering. The Masters ruthlessly crushes all The Peoples' hopes to achieve their unending thirst for filling their new-built coffers. The Peoples of The World pay with their lives and our unique Living Planet Earth also pays.

We hope our effort, albeit small, is worthwhile... We would like to see the Smedley Butlers get together and rise up against The Masters. We believe that these Smedley Butlers of honor will only do this when they perceive that The Slaves are ready to Not Take It Anymore.


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