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Our Main Goal with our website is to Stop The Ongoing Holocaust and Prevent Future Holocausts. To substantiate our educational excursion into Reality, we will use a selection of available video clips and also explain the scientific principles and mechanisms that underly all Crimes Against Humanity (whether Holocausts, Genocides, Mass Murders, Collateral Damage, etc).

For our effort to be successful we need the reader to have watched, analyzed and meditated about the 1934 documentary: The War Racket: Dealers in Death which clearly shows The Nature of The Beast. If not done yet, please do it ASAP.

Our Objectives include the Identification of Methods to Achieve The Main Goal.

The 1934 documentary depicts the War Racket behavior that is identical to the one witnessed today. Thus, for example, when we thought that we had enough waste of human lives and resources with the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, our Nobel Peace Prize President invaded Lybia - thus violating once again his election campaign promises. We shall review the situation later on.

In Science we have the operating principle that, once we identify the mechanisms underlying a phenomenom (in this case it is The Manipulation of The People by The Elite), we are able to control it or take actions to minimize the impact. This is how technical, scientific and medical advances have been and are achieved. From time-to-time there is a discovery. However, discoveries are the exception to the rule. These are the reasons why we need to understand the mechanisms of The Beast and its aspiration for heading The New Roman Empire (aka The NWO).

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