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Charlie Chaplin Warned Us!
Hollywood's The Great Dictator

War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity are major topics of this website. Understanding what has gone on in the past will help us understand what is going on in the present and what may happen in the future. Since The Jewish People has done an excellent effort in teaching and reminding us about their unspeakable Holocaust under Hitler, we feel ashamed that "We, The People" did not heed their warnings because our Governments (serving The Masters) are doing the same to The Peoples of The World. Thus, we should be called 'We, The Zombie Slaves' (even if it sounds offensive - although it is not our intention to offend) because it seems that we are in a Zombie Trance that prevents us from realizing what is going on (a trance induced by The Masters' Propaganda Machine: The Entertainment-Industrial Complex).

We are encouraged by the support that some Hitler's Holocaust survivors are showing to the Palestinian cause, as shown in the following clip.

Please, note that the first use of the word Holocaust was aimed at describing a burnt sacrificial offering. In our website we use this concept (without meaning disrespect to those who remember Hitler's Holocaust) because we are convince that The Masters are Satan worshipers or, as the politically-correct people would say: Luciferians. Therefore, the millions that The Masters kill and intend to keep killing are seeing (in their eyes) as Burnt Offerings to Their God(s). Thus, The Masters' burnt offerings are meant to apeace their Underworld. Please, note that one of the theories entertained is that The Masters are "Humanists". By this it is implied that The Masters believe in the concept that Humans can become God through their Enlightenment. We do not go into this area because we think that there is plenty on the table already.

This is one of several examples that show how The Masters' Propaganda Machine has hijacked and played with words. Another word hijacked is Anti-Semite. Since Palestinians are Semite (look it up), any person who is against Palestinians is therefore an anti-Semite.

The reason why we bring this apparently polemic subjects is to try to trigger the Critical Thinking in the reader. We try to show the reader that we have been duped by The Masters' Propaganda Machine and by what we call: The Entertainment-Industrial Complex (paraphrasing the late President Eisenhower's expression: The Military-Industrial Complex).

We believe that issues such as this need to be discussed and studied by "We, The People" because the Cancerous (Neo)Fascist Media has Metastasized and penetrated into the minds of our fellow citizens who finance (through their taxes) the Warmongering Megalomaniacs (WM) in Power (WMP) serving The Masters (discussed in our Appendix The Beast's Pyramidal Web).

Former Auswitchz Survivor
Dr. Hajo Meyer Talks
About Nazi Israel

Cancerous NeoFascist Media
Mind-Conditioning Technique

The twist in this "New-and-Improved" Holocaust by The Masters and their Puppets is that the Crimes Against Humanity are much more Evil. This is because they have inflicted a mortal blow to the genetic stock of The Iraqui People. We deal with this issue separately, but a 2010 interview with an experienced military expert in the area (Physicist Doug Rokke, with Doctorate in Educational Physics) is given at the end of this webpage (just scroll down to the end). Please, note that The Propaganda Machine of The Masters has maligned Dr. Rokke as it has done with the Truth movement experts such as Architects & Engineers, Scholars, Military Officers, etc.

That The Masters are brutal should be known but, unfortunately, it is not or it is forgotten (courtesy of The (Neo)Fascist Media). Aboriginal Peoples in The Americas and African Slaves also suffered under The New World Order (NWO) brought to The Americas by The Conquistadores in 1492. At the time, The Americas were called "The New World" (i.e. NWO).

At difference from previous holocausts, the ongoing Iraqui and Afghan Holocausts include not only their physical extermination but also their genetic anihilation through DNA mutations induced by Radioactive Weapons (made with Radioactive Waste). The ordnance used, branded with the deceitful name of Depleted Uranium (DU), has caused a great deal of genetic alterations in The Iraqui People as well as in The People of other countries. Official measurements of radioactivity levels show that they surpass the levels reached in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the Atomic Bombs of 1945.

Our compilation of work by others support the concept that, after the Criminal Pre-Meditated Planning, several locations in Iraq have been converted into Radioactive Waste Lands by the US Government and its Allies (Partners In Crimes Against Humanity). This has been accomplished through their criminal use of (un)Depleted Uranium (DU - Radioactive Waste) and Tactical Nuclear Weapons (4-5 Kilotons). Information on the topic is readily available in serious Intenet websites.

Our troops, ignorant and/or unaware of (or even oblivious to) the Criminal Nature of their Adventure with their Puppet Politicians serving The Masters, continue to breath the same poisonous air that the Iraqui people breath 24/7/365. They do so while patriotically rising and waving their national flags, singing their national anthems, while mind-conditioned to thinking they are serving their country or even helping the very people they are killing and hurting. All along while in reality their actions have been planned and approved against The Constitution.

This Tragedy goes on while The Masters sit comfortably planning their NWO Empire.

Finally, we have done our best to facilitate the understanding of the message by the Layperson: the average person unfammiliar with the topic who have all the conditions to be misled by the Propaganda Machine of The Masters.

The first step that intellectuals should take is rethink Society and try to address All The People (the Average Person, inclusive of the Poor and the Illiterate). That is, intellectuals should not just think of a particular section such as "The Middle Class", which past and present Presidents like to invoke in their speeches and election campaigns.

We think that intellectuals should refrain themselves from criticizing those who have had less opportunity to intellectually succeed in Life (even if they are rich or hey are from rich families). We believe that this attitude is destructive for one cannot encourage or teach a person of any age while at the same time telling them that they are "Stupid". Being Stupid implies that the person shows signs of Stupidity or lack of Intelligence, wit, sense, etc. Having a lack of sense or awareness is a state of mind that can be induced through the technique called: Mind-Conditioning. Being Mind-Conditioned is no different than being Hypnotized. Therefore, just as we do not say that a hypnotized person is Stupid, we should not say that a Mind-Conditioned person is Stupid but, instead, Ignorant. We address this important technique in a section dedicated to this topic.

As we show in our website, as in Hypnosis, it is possible to Mind-Condition a person to behave as a person with limited intellectual capacity (i.e. what intellectuals like to call Stupid). For these reasons, we should try to do our best to help Ignorant individuals (i.e. with lack of Knowledge) with simple and direct explanations (no sophisticated terms like "Kinetic Ammo").

The Ongoing Holocaust
Caused by The US Use of
Radioactive Waste
(aka unDepleted Uranium or DU)

The Ongoing Holocaust
In Iraq & Afghanistan Resemble The
Cambodian Holocaust


911: The Great Illusion

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