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The Identity, The Structure and The Function of The Beast, are illustrated in these old masterpiece documentaries. They reveal what has guided Human Societies since The Beginning. We started 2012 with the new section (Appendix) on The Pyramidal Web that seems to adequately describe The Beast.


The Informative 1934 Documentary


The Masters' Puppets


Alex Abella
The RAND Corporation


The World Order:
A Study on the Hegemony of Parasitism

Eustace Mullins




A couple of explanations have been published to explain the root cause for the Illegal and Criminal Invasion of Iraq - resulting in War Crimes illustrated in this website. One explanation is based on US Interests for the Control of Iraq's Oil Reserves (one of the majors if not the major in the world). That Oil is an important reason for illegally invading Iraq is backed by History. For example, Oil played a major role in the initiation of World War 2 (WW2), as explained in the marvelous documentary The Prize, which we highly recommend the readers. Part 4 (of 8) of this documentary has the very appropriate title: War and Oil.

Another explanation is based on the Warmongering-Megalomaniac (WM) Ideology of the Thinktank known as The Project for The New American Century (PNAC - with headquarters near the Whitehouse). We will discuss this second explanation later on.

Other less publicized explanations can be found in the literature. When taken together, the complexity can be summarized as:


How else can you interpret the collaboration between the governments of the US, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Israel in 911 and 911-related events?

Here are a couple of important examples supporting our view that the situation can be summarized as The Masters Against The Slaves.

First, let us carry out a brief and simple analysis of The Bush Family following the interview with famous documentary producer Emile de Antonio... Then, let us watch Greg Palast's documentary that exposes The Huge Fraud committed by The Bush Family on The Elections. This is a Mega Fraud that The System allowed to happen. For less than this the US invades countries.

GWB Grandfather, Prescott Sheldon Bush (PSB), was a Wall Street Executive Banker (Director and Vice-President of the Union Banking Co. of New York City) who played an important role in Financing of Hitler and his Expansionist War. As a Wall Street Banker, PSB had close ties with The Rockefeller Family. GWB Father, George Herbert Walker Bush (GHWB) played important roles in finances and government. A major observation made on GHWB (also pointed out by Emile de Antonio) was that he was CIA Director. Then we have GWB that does not appear to be as astute or convoluted as PSB and GHWB. Our hypothesis here is that perhaps GWB's lack of experience in High-Level Corruption caused and causes him to display that Pinocchio Syndrome that we will be talking about later on. Below we provide a revealing clips.

This War-Racketeering Attitute of The Bush Family gives credence to the popular saying: "Like Father, Like Son". A cursory look at the faces of all 3 relatives (PSB->GHWB->GWB) strengthens our case for genetic traits transfer to offsprings.

It is a well-publicized fact the The Elite of Saudi Arabia: The Al-Saud Family, is a long-time partner of The Bushes. The History of The Bush Family (as we shall see in the clips further down), has much to do with our situation today. For example, GWB grandfather: Prescott Sheldon Bush, has been pointed as one of many Americans who helped the financing of Hitler. Another example, relevant to our current situation is The Saud Family's pact with GWB father (former CIA Director) to let the US build military bases in Saudi Arabia. To further complicate the plot in this soap opera, we have that the Bin Laden Family (yes, the one to which Usama|Osama was part of) was and is close to The Bush and The Saud Families. Therefore, as we shall show, this Lethal Combination is more than sufficient to silence those who would oppose suspicions raised on a CIA-Planned Operation involving Saudi Arabian Patsies recruited by The Saud Family. In this Hypothetical Situation, The Saudi Patsies were enrolled in a CIA-False War Game (switched to a Real War Game on 911). Usama Bin Laden (UBL) was probably part of the Game and was then let go as per previous agreement between the 3 parties involved: The Bush, The Saud and The Bin Laden Families.

Given the large amount of UnTruths told by the Government Officials, it would not be surprising if in 20 years from now we discover that UBL died peacefully due to his known health issues and, therefore, that the Navy Seals Assault on UBL Headquarters was another Staged False Operation.

This is supported by former Prime Minister of Pakistan (General Musharraf) who asked why the US did not show and has not shown Real Proof of UBL in Pakistan? ( Rings a Bell? WTC? )

Will we trust this story knowing that our government has not been truthful about its Illegal (e.g. against US Constitution and UN), Criminal (e.g. Use of Radioactive Waste called DU and Tactical Nukes 4-5 Kilotons) and Imperialistic (e.g. expansionist) Invasion of this region of the world?

The evidence for UBL's death was collected in a manner analogous to the collection for the WTC evidence (i.e. not collected). We are once again asked to trust in our untruthful goverment officials (e.g. Rumsfeld's Story About UBL's Cave Fortresses). The list is far too long. Hence, we ask the reader to do the search.

The importance of elucidating the story of UBL's death is based on the fact that UBL could have been another Patsy used by The Masters. For all we know, UBL could be alive in some Safe Heaven thanks to a Bush-Bin Laden deal made before 911. On the basis of the long relationship between these influential families, this explanation has more logic that the convoluted story given by our government.

Unfortunately, the more we learn about History the more we discover how much we did not know (a vicious cycle indeed).


Our Troops and Our Mercenaries continue killing Iraquis in the believe that they do so to help The Iraqui People. They still do not get it that we are in Iraq illegally and criminally. They still believe that all of this is a video game and that the war in Iraq was caused by Saddam Hussein, by his WMDs, and all that Brainwashing soups that they are feed 24/7.

The Empire of The New World Order, inspired in The Roman Empire of Antiquity, has shown its True Nature - one that reminds us of The White Supremacists, The KKK, The Nazis, The Eugenics Movement of the USA (funded by The Masters of the USA and with a new, improved repackaging: Planned Parenthood), and other organizations that look down on social groups lacking their Megalomaniac Ambitions.

Finally, we call on all The Peoples of The World to help us bring to reality the Dream of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.

Once upon a time, a country seen as one of peace-loving citizens, Canada now produces near 80% of all the Military-Grade Uranium consumed by their southern cousins in the US MIC (use your preferred engine to find out - e.g. 1 and 2).

Both Tactical Nukes and DU have been used in Iraq.
DU has been also used in other countries (look it up with your search engine).

This Universal Law of Cause-and-Effect, proven since antiquity for The Relationship Between Mind-Conditioning-&-Control and Warmongering has been and is still astutely used by The Masters for World Domination through Empire Engineering (i.e. New World Order) at the expense of suffering of The People.


Warmongering Mind-Conditioning is triggered (thus controlled) to its highest levels by a Trigger or Stimulus such as A Terror Act. An example of such a trigger was the Japanese Attack on the US Base of Pearl Harbor (December 7th, 1941).

It would be good to remind the reader that when World War 2 (WW2) began 2 years earlier, The People of the US was opposed to getting involved in WW2. The US government did its best to deprive Japan from oil. Therefore, it has been proposed countless times that the US Government (with FDR as President) knew of the incoming Pearl Harbor Attack but that it decided to let it happened as it would trigger the Mind-Conditioned People of the US (as the UK Masters wanted). We strongly suggest to the reader to dig out the buried despicable Truth about Pearl Harbor (which supports the concept of the Luciferians in Power). Below, we give a documentary on the topic. Since this is an important Modus Operandi (MO) or Mode of Operation of The Beast, we will review the concept futher down but first, let us watch the following clips.



Here is an example of the speech of 911 of 1941 by Anti-War Activist Charles Lindbergh. We highly recommend the reader to pay attention to every word in the speech because it does explain the situation we live today and it does identify the MO of The Beast we are dealing with.

A year prior to 911, The Masters' Neo-Conservative Thinktank known as PNAC or Project for the New American Century put forward the idea that "A New Pearl Harbor" (e.g. the terror caused in 911 of 2001) would accelerate the implementation of the Expansionist plan for The New Roman Empire that they proposed.
We give the text of this document in the link below (click the image).


This PNAC Plan was a revival of the Reactionary Ideology known as The Wolfowitz Doctrine and attributed to Paul Dundes Wolfowitz.


The Wolfowitz Doctrine is based on Wolfowitz's 1992 document entitled Defense Planning Guidance. The document was supposed to be for internal use of the Department of Defense but after it was leaked to the public through the newspaper The New York Times, the document met with strong opposition.

We recommend that the reader invest some time investigating Wolfowitz's history, contributions, etc, because all aspects of our current situation seem to end with him (although several others collaborated in this enterprise).

Wolfowitz may not be the Brains of The Beast but he certainly qualifies as an Architect. Therefore, we can say that Wolfowitz is the new NWO War Architect.

Please, note that as pointed out in the video 'War by Deception' (by Ryan Dawson), there are other important PNAC documents that deserve equal or better attention than the PNAC document that has received most attention. We encourage the reader to investigate these revealing documents (especially those related to Afghanistan and Iraq).

As shown in the previous video clips, Science has advanced enough to allow us understand what is The Game that The Masters are playing. The clip below gives a glympse of what was life like before and after of the Criminal Invasion of Iraq. Of course, everyone knows that Saddam Hussein was a dictator (who received plenty of support from the USA and its allies). However, the point here is that if the situation was bad before the invasion, after the invasion was unimaginably worse.

The Masters know that the Scientific approach they use is proven.
"We, The People" are fortunate in that this approach is published.
We, the authors of this website, are scientists familiar with the topic.
Therefore, we will try our best to provide a simple to understand explanation.

We have pointed out the importance of studying well the 1934 documentary Dealers in Death.
We would also like to emphatically recommend the study of the full-length documentary The New American Century.


From The Movie Network (1976)

"We Are In A Lot Of Trouble!"

"The Primal Forces of Nature!"

"I Want You To Get Mad!"

Luciferian Inspirational Music
#1 Hit With Our Invading Troops?!
Listen to the lyrics|words.

A 1936 Hollywood Tribute to
The Rothschilds'
High Moral Standards


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