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We are a group of retired and semi-retired academic research scientists and teachers who want to contribute to the awakening of The People at large.

Like Medical Students who have to work with dead bodies, opening, dissecting the organs, smelling the smells of dead corpses, we must open The Body of The Unpleasant Truth. Succintly put: We have been had by The Masters. We will show clips that are not pleasant but very instructive. It is in the Appendix: The Beast's Pyramidal Web that we suggest who are really The Masters. These are a group of individulas who invented Zionism for their politics of Divide-and-Conquer. Therefore, they pull the strings of the Warmongering Zionists who, in turn, propagate the hatred against the Palestinians. Like many Palestinians say: "We have nothing against the Jewish People."

However, we are opposed to the Apartheid and Homicidal Regime of The Zionists. The Zionists Shills can call us: "Self-Hating Jews" or "Anti-Semites". (Note: few people know that the term Anti-Semite includes Arabs).

We ask the reader to make an effort and turn-off the TV for a couple of days... Stay with us during these couple of days, and you shall learn The Reality that The Masters have created for us. More importantly, you shall learn where are The Masters taking us. Soon you will realize that The Plan of The Masters is to take us to The Slaughterhouse.

Our presentation is aimed at the layperson. Therefore, we try to simplify as much as possible to avoid the layperson be confused by The (Neo)Fascist Media (i.e. the media that is owned by The Masters).

We believe that individuals of all ages should learn the story we tell because this is the audience who needs to become aware of the ongoing War Crimes that are being carried out by The Beast's War Criminals.

As we explain further elsewhere, The Beast is a complex machinery formed by all sectors of Society (see Appendix: The Beast's Pyramidal Web). The Brain of The Beast is The Ultra-Super-Elite (The Masters of The Universe, so-to-speak) and The Body of The Beast is formed by The People. Somewhere in between are The Puppets and the Intermediary Groups (Families, Corporations, etc).

It is important to know this arrangement because it shows that, without The People (who we prefer to call The Zombie Slaves), The Masters cannot carry out their Illegal and Criminal Wars. The Slaves fund The Masters (through their tax contributions) and provide the brute force to carry out the Crimes Against Humanity. That The Slaves are in a Zombie state is proven by the fact that most of the people you interview in the streets have no clue. Like George Carlin Said a few times before his passing:

"Nobody Seems To Notice... Nobody Seems To Care..."


We try to do facilite the comprehension of these processes which are essential for the understanding of why we have reached the situation of today.

Our specialties include basic and applied sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, as well as interdisciplinary fields.

Some of us (contributors to this website) have seen this situation in extreme Communist countries and we are afraid that we are walking along this very same dictatorial path of self-destruction, typical of Psychopathic Warmonguering Megalomaniacs (WM), WM in Power (WMP) and past Empires such as the famous Roman Empire of antiquity (i.e. now extinct).

As in any academic test, our exam marks will be given by our impact on The People.

Please, do note that since our Website is Hosted Free of Charge, advertisements will appear. This situation is beyond our control. However, Firefox and other Internet Browsers have plug-ins that block ads. Therefore, it is up to the user to activate or not the browser plug-in.

Furthermore, the Host Server may add Cookies to your computer or may collect information (which may or may not pose a Security Threat). Therefore, be careful with your security settings.

Please, note that this is not unique to our Hosting Website. This also happens everytime you use a Search Engine such as Google. This is why these services are "free" to us (i.e. in exchange for tracking your information). Again, there are ways to circumvent these and the reader should learn about this. There are wonderful pages elsewhere that the reader is encouraged to consult to learn how to protect oneself.

We Do Not Discriminate in any shape or form. That is, we believe that it is the content and not form what should guide us. Therefore, we do not base our conclusions on physical appearances, on race, on religion, on sexual orientation, etc. Thus, for example, some of the people cited may not have the physical appeal programmed by The Media in the mind of the newer TV generations. From our personal experiences, we conclude that we must encourage the audience to listen to the words rather than watch and judge the clothing.

We Believe That All Humans Are Created Equal. We believe that the lives of all human beings should be valued with the same measuring tape or bar. It is The Actions Of A Person what enhances or reduces its relevance or value to Society and Humanity. An individual from a particular social or ethnic group should not have higher value than an individual from another. Sadly, many examples do exist of Mass Killings and Displacements based on Religion, Political Views, Ethnicity, etc (Genocides-Holocausts, Apartheids, etc).

The reader is reminded that this happened Before, During and After The 1492 Discovery of The New World (aka The Americas) by The Europeans (Columbus). In 1492, the Europeans were looking to establish a New World Order (NWO). So, in 1492, the Europeans started their NWO of the Epoch at a considerable price for the indigeneous populations and for the populations of slaves (first Natives, Africans, then other ethnic groups). Total toll of hundreds of millions of deaths, displaced, etc. Today, the greed and ambition of the The New NWO is cause for greater concern due to the increased World-Wide Power of the War Racket. Watch and Judge the Example for Rwanda (click image).


We Are Not Power Hungry. None of the authors of this website are power hungry or have political or financial ambitions. None of the authors of this website belong to political parties or Secret Societies (see Appendix: The Beast's Pyramidal Web). We are convinced that "We, The People" (currently 'We, The Zombie Slaves') urgently need an energetic and charismatic Leader (or Group of Leaders) whose background and experience will lead us in a meaningful battle to defeat The Masters. This Group can be a collection of Patriots who know The Truth such as our late Smedley Butler.

Our Philosophy. Some of us are familiar with dictatorships and totalitarian regimes because some of us grew up under such regimes or had relatives who did. Some of us lived or live in self-proclaimed Democratic Countries that were, in reality, masked Fascist Warmongering Regimes. Our past experiences conditioned us to be more sensitive to the current situation with the US Imperialistic Expansionism (as proposed in the most cited PNAC document - as we shall discuss). Based on our experiences and knowledge of the doctrines behind the scenes, it is our judgment that we are reaching a very dangerous explosive point (e.g. The Critical Mass of a Nuclear Reaction) from which there will be no return.

We have seen this situation deteriorate at an alarming rate with the incidents of Waco, Oklahoma City Bombing of The Federal Building (whose explanation remains suspicious), the downing of the TWA800 Flight) and, of course, 911 of 2001.

We are concerned about the limitations of what can be done by The People (without the assistance of the Smedley Butler Brigade). At the moment, it is clear that all sectors of government serve The Masters rather than "We, The People" (aka 'We, The Zombie Slaves'). However, we will try our best to prevent and if not to slow down The Satanic Masters. We hope that our Philosophy will not be a deterrent but instead that it will a stimulus to the reader's mind. We think that a debate based on reason and evidence rather than feelings is the proper way to address our problems.

Finally, we warn the readers that The Masters are desperate to fulfill their Prophecy of their World Domination under the title of The New World Order. Therefore, The Masters will do whatever it takes to destroy any sign of organization that The Slaves begin to show. This translates in The Masters infiltrating any group that poses a threat to them. We can see this in a daily basis. Hordes of Shills appear saying incredible things that only ignorant, TV-Zombies are able to accept. An example of such incredible lies spread in Blogs, YouTube Channels, etc, is the following:

"The Nose of The Plane Remained Intact
After Going Through
The Steel-Reinforced South Tower of the WTC
It Has Been Shown That
Steel Does Nothing To Aluminum."

We discuss why The Masters are so bold as to think that 'We, The Slaves' are in such a Zombie state that will buy any lie they sell us. We suggest that the reason The Masters are so bold is because History demonstrates that we have already bought every single lie that The Masters have sold us. What is the difference now? The great difference is our newfound freedom of information provided by The Internet. This Freedom counters the (Neo)Fascist Propaganda Machine of The Masters. This is why The Masters seek to censor The Internet and ban it whenever they see fit (e.g. in times of Slaves' Unrest, when The Slaves must be sent to the FEMA Camps).

Like many others who search for The Truth, we have been called names. Some of the Enlightened Ones found in Blogs, YouTube Channels, etc, have told us that we wear Tin Hats. We always gratiously reply to those Masters' Servants that "We rather wear Tin Hats than wear The Hats of The Psychopatic Masters".

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