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We know what you are thinking... This is the Realm of The Wackies... of The Warmongering Megalomaniacs (WM) in Power (WMP) - Pathological Liers, Mega-Psychopaths... We suggest the reader to check our Appendix on Hollywood. You will be shocked with what went on in Hollywood before 911 of 2001.

We are about to enter April of 2012 and we are now convinced that Secret Societies and Organizations were used as an organizational tool for the planning of the 911 attacks and are behind the drama unfolding before our own very eyes since 911. These Secret Groups include rogue individuals from CIA, MI6, Mossad, Skull & Bones, Freemasons, etc (i.e. whatever works for the Warmongering and Megalomaniac Psychopaths of the NWO). We have come across an important event that happened on September 11th of 1923. This event is linked to the controversial Talmud, which is a book that is presented as a religious text but that, in reality, is intended to replace the Torah with a series of guidelines for the behavior of the Jewish People. The Talmud is used by its practicioners as a replacement for the Torah and it violates the 10 Commandments given to Moses. Therefore, it is imperative that the reader unfamiliar with the Talmud, take time to study this incredible text. We have provided 2 links below to facilitate this study (see item for year 1923 in the table below).

According to Wikipedia, September 11th of every year is the 254th day of the year (255th in leap years). Therefore, there are 111 days remaining until the end of the year. Is 111 significant? We looked into it and we found that 111 has indeed significance. The results are from the government-preferred search engine: Google. When we entered the term: "number nine in the occult" we found quite a bit. Below is a short list of some webpages.

1. Anonymous (The Forbidden Knowledge): The World Trade Center - You'll never think again the same way.
2. Howard, R.: Destruction of the Trade Centers: Occult Symbolism Indicates Enemies Within Our Own Government.
3. Anonymous (Cutting Edge Ministries): Massive Terrorism Against American Cities! Is this the beginning of the terrors planned to accompany World War III?
4. Anonymous (ChinaCulture.Org): Decoding the Mystery of 'Nine'
5. Anonymous (Pagan Space Net): 9, Satan's Number
6. Westcott W.W. (1890): Numbers: Their Occult Power And Mys tic Virtues

September 11th is The 1st Day of The Year According to Alexander (period 1900-2099 AD); where Alexander refers to The Emperor Alexander The Great. The other interesting point is that Egypt follows this calendar and the symbols of Egypt (e.g. pyramids and obelisk) are admired/worshiped by major governments (e.g. US, UK, Vatican) and secret societies (e.g. Skull & Bones, Free-Masons).

Since we look for indications of data inspiring the actions of Warmongering Megalomaniacs in Power (WMP), this is a good piece of indirect evidence. 911 would represent for The Master-Mind of The Project (e.g. a WMP leader such a former CIA Director and President): A New Beginning. Do not forget that the 911 WMP had at their disposal at least 2.3 Trillion Dollars (as per Donald Rumsfeld report of September 10th of 2001 - i.e. a day before 911).

The Feast of Nayrouz|Neyrouz marks the 1st Day of the Year according to Alexander. The Feast commemorates the Martyrs and Confessors.

Several documentaries point out the fact that The Bush Family has the custom of using and re-using family names (e.g. Barbara and Arbustos). It is unremarkable in itself. However, knowing The Family's Tradition and the fact that they have belonged to the Skull & Bones Secret Society, and have had intimate and important ties with The Masters and with CIA, NSA, Pentagon, etc, we wonder whether the selection of the number 911 was based on some historical facts. It is what Detectives call Modus Operandi (MO) or Mode of Operation (remember that we are dealing with Psychopaths). In Forensics, this approach is called Criminal Profiling. This is, of course, a working hypothesis developed on the basis that 911 happened under GWB watch. Knowing the level of intelligence of GWB (or lack of it), we are inclined to thinking that it is highly probable that his father, GHWB, and his father's colleagues were into the planning and execution of the the terrorist attacks. Let us not forget that Fascist Plots to overthrow the US government were uncovered long, long time before 2001. Most notable is the 1934 denunciation by General Smedley Butler, the publicized Operation Northwoods (agreed upon by all the high-ranking military personnel) not carried out thanks to the disapproval by JFK and, of course, the JFK assassination.

Prior to 2001, the number 911 only had one meaning for the layperson: the phone number called for Emergencies (Police, Fire, Medical, etc). We have not been able to find out who chose the number 911 for North-America or why.

We asked our Search Engine for Historical Events relevant to 911. Wikipedia, Abel Danger Net and Ivan Eland gave us a hand. Curiously, our Top NeoFascist Media Poster Boy missed by only 1 day his birthday. Also interestingly, September the 10th is the Muslim Holiday Eid al Fitr that marks the end of Ramadam (the Islamic holy month of fasting).

3 BC : One Of Various Possible Birth Dates For Jesus Of Nazareth. We think that the planners might have been mocking Jesus (Secret Society material - see the documentaries on The Founding Fathers). Remember, to understand the mind of these evil people one cannot think normal but try to think like a pathological|sick mind. For this purpose, we have studied some of the wackiest minds in history such as the Roman Emperor Caligula.
1297 : The Battle of Stirling Bridge a part of the First War of Scottish Independence. The forces of Andrew Moray and William Wallace defeated the combined forces of John de Warenne (6th Earl of Surrey) and Hugh de Cressingham, on the River Forth - near Stirling.
1609 : "Discovery" of Manhattan. Yes... This is what Wikipedia says... Nevermind the indigenous people already living there. For those who are not aware of it we say that Manhattan is the Financial center of New York City.
1777 : The Battle of Brandywine was a decisive victory for The British over The American Revolutionaries.
1812 : Start of The 1812 War. British Ships violate and break the peace treaty and sink American ships. They then raided American coastlines and burned the White House, leaving it gutted by fire. The only building left standing by the British was the US Patent Office [a very significant event according to Abel Danger forensic economics]. If you did not read Ivan Eland's article, please do so now. He argues that it was not the British who violated the peace treaty.
1814 : The Battle Of Plattsburgh. Also known as The Battle of Lake Champlain. This battle was the turning point in the 1812 War.
1864 : UK-Financed Union Army Troops Burned Atlanta (Georgia). Atlanta was the capital of the American mercantile Trade, the major competitor of the British Kingdom (City of London Livery Guild Monopolies).
1877 : Felix Dzerzhinsky is Born. The Founder of The Russian Revolutionary Spy Agency.
1912 : Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) Secret Society Planned at Jekyll Island. UK Rhodes Scholar, Edward M. House, meets in secret with Bankers JP Morgan, Sam Chase and Goldman to plan the FRB. They chose this date to celebrate the centennial of the war of 1812. They put in place a plan to put Governor Wilson in the White House in exchange of him signing the Federal Reserve Act and bringing Foreign Private Central Banking to the US. This was (and still is) against The Constitution. Later on they established a RICO and an income tax to steal from The People. The Act established a 'right' to work by 'registration as inventory' following their demand for cataloging all living animal and human resources.
1919 : US Marines Invade Honduras.
1921 : First Zionist Settlement, Nahalal, established as part of The Zionist Plan to take Palestine from the Arabs in order to create the Zionist state known as Israel, preconceived in a deal between The Zionist Royal Elite (The Rothschilds) and The Royal Elite of The United Kingdom (UK): The Rulers of The British Empire. Note that The Rothschilds are alleged to belong to The Illuminati.
1922 : British Mandate of Palestine Begins. The reader should keep in mind the Balfour Declaration of 1917 that confirms the deal made between the Zionist leaders (specifically: The Rothschild Family) and the UK Government (The Queen to be precisely). The deal consisted in giving to the Zionists (led by The Rotschild Family) Palestine (without consulting the Palestinians).
**** * *********************************************************************
1923 : TALMUD New Practice. Rabbi Yehuda Meir Shapiro of Lublin, Poland, initiated the practice of reading 1 page of the Talmud per day (Daf Yomi) on September 11th of 1923 (Rosh Hashanah - The Jewish New Year). IMPORTANT! Note that the 1st Day of Rosh Hashanah does not always fall on the same day of our Western calendar. Do consult Wikipedia for more information. According to Wikipedia, in Jewish liturgy, Rosh Hashanah is described as The Day of Judgment or Yom ha-Din and The Day of Remembrance or Yom ha-Zikkaron. Both terms fit perfectly with the 911 terrorist scenario. For information on Talmud History, click here. For information on Talmud Dark Side, click here. Attention! This event can only be related to 911 of 2001 if the terrorists wanted to use 911 as a Burnt Offering (aka Holocaust) to combine the celebration of the anniversary of Daf Yomi (911 of 1923) with The Day of Judgement and thereafter, with The Day of Remembrance. Given what is known about the Talmud and the importance of Daf Yomi, we can only say that this context seems the most appropriate for a real Conspiracy Theory. As the popular saying goes: "If it fits..."
**** * *********************************************************************
1941 : Charles Lindbergh's Des Moines Speech in which he accused the UK, The Zionists, and The US Government of pressing for War with Germany (the US had sunk a German submarine but Hitler did not swallow the bait). We do not believe that this event has relevance to the 911 planners. However, we present it here to show that events have an intrinsic randomness. It is up to the Warmonger-Megalomanic to sort out what are the events that inspire their criminal actions, thus overlooking those that don't (like in this case).
1941 : The Pentagon Construction Starts (breaking ground ceremony).
1944 : World War 2. First US-Allied Troops cross Germany's Western border.
1944 : World War 2. UK-Allied Air Force bombs Darmstadt and kills 11,500.
1973 : CIA-Back Fascist Overthrow of Democratically-Elect President of Chile: Salvador Allende
1978 : Camp David Accords. US President (Jimmy Carter), Egypt President (Anwar Sadat) and Israel Prime Minister (Menachem Begin) meet and agree on The Camp David Accords as a framework for peace between Israel and Egypt.
1982 : Palestinians Are Betrayed Again. The international forces that were guaranteeing the safety of Palestinian refugees, following Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon, leave Beirut. Five days later, several thousand refugees are massacred in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps.
1991 : The New World Order (NWO) Speech by Former CIA-Director, President GHW Bush (aka Bush Senior). GHWB is known for reusing dates and names that he cherishes. Could it be that he fancies the date 911?
1997 : NASA Mars Global Surveyor Reaches Mars. We included this event here just to be on the safe side. We can never tell whether this was a Pet Project of The Masters of The Universe.
1998 : Opening Ceremony for the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur. We must remember that the term Commonwealth is the Politically-Correct Name for British Empire. Therefore, one can picture this Propaganda Activity having similarities to that of Hitler's in his Olympic Games of 1936.
2000 : World Economic Forum. We are really getting warmer... We get the feeling that someone fancies the 911 date. We will look into Astrology and other Occult information to see if we dig out some revealing information. Must try hard to think like them to figure out what is with this 911 number.
2001 : The New Pearl Harbor. Each of The Twin Towers of The World Trade Center (WTC) are allegedly impacted by commercial airplanes. For the 1st Time in History (of High-Rise Building Engineering) Buildings fall with an acceleration that resembles free-fall. Free-Fall can only mean that Demolition Explosives were used (i.e. otherwise it would have taken longer as the lower floors dampen the fall of the upper floors). A 3rd building that was not impacted, WTC7 (WTC Building 7), also fell in free-fall without having been impacted. Finally, an Invisible Airplane hits the Pentagon in the area where accounting was being made to find the 2.3 Trillion dollars that Disappeared. The attacks were carried out at the same moment that the Air Protection was removed and at the same moment that War Games (mimicking the real attacks) were being carried out.
2007 : Father Of All Bombs. Clearly, this is a Post-911 Event. Therefore, we feel that we have to explain why we are including it here. Knowing the hand of the Russian Godfather: Vladimir Putin (KGB, etc), we believe that this could have been a response that Putin wanted to send to the 911 Conspirators (particularly, to Bush Senior: the Maestro of the 911 Orchestra - former CIA Director and President).



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