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We started this new section, dedicated to the The Masters' Words Game, at the beginning of April 2012. Our intention is to clarify the confusion purposedly created by The Masters through their hijacking of words such as Holocaust, Semite, etc. We believe that this confusion aims at mind-conditioning with the goal of mind-controlling us: The Zombie Slaves. Below we give a video clip from 'Mysteries of The Mind' by Derren Brown. Note that Derren Brown is compared to the famous character Svengali.


We believe that The Masters' action is carried out with at least 2 purposes described below.

First, The Masters want to demonstrate their dominance over 'We, The Slaves' who, in a Dream-like Zombie state, are incapable of resisting the Mind-Conditioning Game.

Like the late comedian George Carlin would say:
"Nobody seems to notice... Nobody seems to care..."
"The table is tilted folks... The game is rigged..."

Second, The Masters want to Mind-Condition us (The Zombie Slaves) to accept any non-sense thrown at us through their Puppets. The best and most recent example is their 911 Criminal Fraud: The 911 False Flag Operation. To this Fraud we have to add the post-911 wars that had been planned prior to 911 (i.e. The Masters needed an excuse to invade the region as per PNAC recommendation for "The New Pearl Harbor") This second purpose of The Masters becomes apparent in our section The Key for 666

Ask yourself:

Why is it that during the Election Campaign, the politicians never use the term: The New World Order?
Yet, after the politicians are elected, they keep repeating the phrase in a Mantric, Hypnotizing (Mind-Conditioning) Rhythm?

We give a few examples of this word game.


We use the original definition of Holocaust as a Burnt Sacrifice Offering to a Deity.

Here is an excellent example of The Masters' Knowledge of The Power of Mind-Conditioning. Upon checking the word Holocaust with Wikipedia, one is thrown to the description of the word that we have come to believe (through Mind-Conditioning) is the only meaning of Holocaust.

Checking with Holocaust (Sacrifice) leads us to the original definition. Note that if one uses the term Holocaust Sacrifice will not yield any result.

As we mentioned, the significance of this word game becomes apparent in our section dedicated to Mind-Conditioning for Mind-Control: the section we call: The Key for 666.

We prefer this concept of Holocaust because, since 2012, we are convinced that The Masters (who many like to call Illuminati) are made up of Luciferians-Satanic worshipers. Thus, The Masters need Burnt Offerings (Holocausts) for their Deity: Lucifer and Satan. Furthermore, the larger the number of offerings, the better. This reminds us of the Hollywood films portraying about the Sacrifices carried out by the Native American Civilizations (e.g. Aztec, Maya, Inca, etc) prior to their Conquest by the Europeans. Below we give an image of an authentic depiction of Aztec sacrifice. By clicking the image, the reader is sent to the scene of the film Apocalypto.


It is only when seeing under this new light that we can grasp the level of cruelty that The Masters.

It is within this context that we use the term Holocaust. It is not our intention to negate the suffering experienced by the Hebrews or those who practice Judaism.

Indeed, it was the tradition of the priests that accompanied the European Conquistadores (conquerors) in their Holocausts of millions of Natives in The Americas (since 1492) to offer the Natives their Help in the form of the opportunity to 'Confess Their Sins' while they were consumed by the Conquistadores Flames, Boiling Oil or Tar, etc.


The importance of taking words out of context... We address this word because of a Google Message that we received in 2011 while we were searching for the word "Jew". Google told us that they had been adviced to inform us (The Zombie Slaves) to replace the word Jew with the term Jewish People or Person. Although it is not our goal to waste your precious time discussing the logic of a valid term such as Jew, we are compelled to do so. First of all, we are against anti-Semitism (be it against Jews or Arabs - see Semite paragraph below). We are against bigottry of any kind (period). Jew is a Noun and Jewish is an adjective. If you do not know your grammar, then learn it. In Scientific writing, if one can use a shorter word or expression, one must give preference to the shorter word or expression. Thus, for example, one should not use the word 'Usage' when there is a shorter one: 'Use' (the one that fits the bill). The same goes for the word 'Employed'. You would have difficulty finding the expression, 'microchips were employed' in a scientific paper. This is because there is a better one: 'microchips were used'.


Arabs are Semite... According to any dictionary such as Wikipedia, Semite comes from the word Semitic. More precisely, Wikipedia states (on April 2012): "Semitic... was first used to refer to a language family of largely Middle Eastern origin, now called the Semitic languages..." "This family includes the ancient and modern forms of: Akkadian, Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, Ge'ez, Maltese, Canaanite/Phoenician, Amorite, Eblaite, Ugaritic, Sutean, Chaldean, Mandaic, Ahlamu, Amharic, Tigre and Tigrinya among others"... "The term also came to describe the extended cultures and ethnicities, as well as the history of these varied peoples as associated by close geographic and linguistic distribution."

Therefore, any person commenting against Arabs (including Palestines) are anti-Semite. Taken together, it appears that the people who exclude Arabs from the concept of Semite are the ones that are Anti-Semite... Isn't this interesting?!

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