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We repeat here the words of Napoleon because we do want the reader to always keep in mind that The Battle Is For The Mind of "We, The People" (as in The Constitution) or, if you prefer it: 'We, The Slaves', 'We, The Zombies', or 'We, The Sheeple'.

There are 2 Opposing Forces in The Battle: We, The Slaves and They, The Masters. For more information on The Masters, please see the Appendix on The Beast's Pyramidal Web.


Napoleon Bonaparte

In this section we will focus on some of the tricks used by The Masters to fool The Slaves. Our current predicament has been immensely aided-and-abetted by The Pseudo-Journalistic, NeoFascist Media (owned by The Masters). Below we give an excellent documentary on this topic.

The fooling is done not for Pleasure (although we can imagine some may actually enjoy fooling millions). The Tricks are carried out to secure Dominance of The Royal Elite (i.e. to achieve Power, Control, etc). Tricks vary in techniques. They go from fanciful Camouflage (like in the case of the Cuttlefish below) to outright Lies if The Royal Elite thinks that "We, The People" are in a Zombie state that prevents us from detecting the Lies or from reacting to it. Remember the Campaign Promise followed by "You Can Take It To The Bank" ? It turned out to be a Lie. Have you heard anyone bringing this up? The Media? There you have it. It is possible for a Puppet Politician to Lie and get away with it. For other examples of Lies, see The Official Version of 911 Events and Justification for Illegal Imperialistic Wars (PNAC Style - we discuss PNAC in another webpage).

Misinformation or Disinformation is False or Inaccurate Information that can reach the level of Patent Lies. This is the crudest form of Propaganda. It is used with Mind-Conditioned People who are either in a Zombie State or Afraid to Ask or Afraid to Learn The Truth (as in Totalitarian Regimes). It cannot hold for long by itself unless... The Lier controls the Propaganda Machine (e.g. The NeoFascist Media in our case). It needs support from further lies (some more patents than others). A specific example is the NIST Report on 911. Another blatant example was the Character Assassination of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, as we illustrate in the clips below. Further examples are found daily in the NeoFascist Media. This is done through Dishonest-&-Deceitful "Fair-&-Balanced" interviews of honest individuals (see example below).

Please, see section on Decision Time and Blue/Red Pill. See also the following clips on Congressman Paul on Wikileaks exposing Government Lies. It also helps to check Olbermann's comments about Condolezza Rice's Ignorant Comments revealing either Ignorance or Lying.

Fake TV Reporting
Al-Jazeera Fake TV Props
French Language

They Must Be Kidding!!!???
No... They Know...
"We, The People" Are: We, The Zombies!!!

The Internet is a Tool that can be used by The Royal Elite (through The Puppets and The Media) to confuse The People with mind-conditioning propaganda, with adulterated news and even with False Flags Operations (FFOs).

Here is an interesting example of the use of the Internet for FFOs. In the example, false Muslims Terrorists are shown in order to condition the minds of the espectators the association Muslims=Terrorists when, in reality, the players are a few individuals serving the Warmongers-Megalomaniacs (WM) in Power (WMP) from Israel.

FFOs have long been used by the unscrupulous and amoral Elite to inflict deaths and harm on its own people on the basis of the principle of The End Justifies The Means for The Greater Good defined according to them. Thus, it would not matter to The Elite whether 1,000 or 1,000,000 of their nation's citizens die (never mind the citizens from other nations). Hitler and his Nazi party cleverly used a FFO to fool and take the rights from the German people. However, Hitler was not the only one in History to have used FFOs.

The Elite and its War Racketeers (aka Military-Industrial Complex), along with their operating tools: their Political Puppets, have used FFOs before, during and after World War 2 (WW2). The Elite's War Racket Crime Inc is helped by The NeoFascist Media they control. The Media echoes The Elite's War Enchantations while labeling the Anti-Warmongering People as Anti-Patriots, Anti-Americans, Extremists, Terrorists, Morons, etc. "We are in a lot of trouble!" indeed.

Behold Of False Prophets! Unfortunately for us, the Internet is an immense ocean full of good and bad things. Some bad things are difficult to identify. False Prophets (i.e. those Shills/Decoys planted to guide us into the slaughterhouse) are a good example. One of the least talked about FFOs uses False Prophets or Opposition Leaders. These False Prophets|Leaders organize activities to take on the government (i.e. an operation of the government against itself: a FFO). The members of the organizations follow the leaders who, in turn, work for the government. The members are identified, data-based, catalogued, and when the time comes, they are rounded up and sent to prison or shot dead. This type of FFO has been done throughout history and is not exclusive of our government. Thus, we advise extreme caution when following those who appear to challenge the government because there is plenty of space already reserved for those who want to revolt (i.e. the infamous FEMA Camps). An example of such a situation is given here and in the clip at the bottom of this webpage. The discussion in this example can be traced back to when the late Bill Cooper was exposing the corruption of the government and when he predicted (in June of 2001) The New Pearl Harbor of 911-2001. The reader should read with caution (and investigate) the opposing views in this webpage and decide on the validity of the arguments presented.

Remember: The Key Is Knowledge

Illusionism... For any magician, the power to fool the audience must give an adrenaline rush. Illusionism is another name for Magic. To avoid confusion with Paranormal or Ritual Magic, the term Stage Magic or Illusionism is used. Therefore, it is Stage Magic what constitutes a powerful tool for The Elite. We have witnesses of the disappearance of Elephants, Buildings, Mountains, etc. Yet, we always know that it is a Trick... An Illusion... The difference between an Illusion performed by a Professional Illusionist and a Person in Power is that the latter will never tell you that he/she fooled you.

Mis-Direction|Re-Direction|Re-Focusing is One Component of Illusionism. Re-Direction or Redirection (aka Re-Focusing|Refocusing) means changing Direction or Focus Point. Within the context of our discussion of The Royal Elite's Tricks, Re-Direction is used to prevent the audience (you) to Focus on what is important. Below are video clips that show famous Criss Angel explaining some of his tricks. We also include efforts by others to explain Criss Angel's tricks.


In the same fashion, The Royal Elite constantly Re-Directions the attention of The People towards issues that prevent you from acquiring Knowledge that will uncover their Evil Deeds. Below we give a good example of an attempt of Re-Direction by The Puppet Media. Please, as we stated in the section About Us, we are 100% against Discrimination of any shape and form. Any Intelligence Officer (Spy) will tell you that focusing the attention of the Young on Rock Music, Music & Movie Stars, TV Shows, Royal Weddings, Video Games, Drugs, etc, is in line with The Elite's Campaign of Misdirection of Attention (as magicians and illusionists do with their audience).

Now, let us apply the above concepts to the forbidden topic of Israel Criticism of the Occupation of Palestinian Territory. Sure we know this topic is Very Polemic but... Who created The Problem? The Elite. Who continues to perpetuate The Problem? The Elite Who benefits from The Constant Bickering? The Elite. As the following clip shows, a small group of citizens of Israel cause the impression that all the citizens of Israel have the same attitude and ideology. One has to wonder, who benefits from these Warmongering-Megalomaniac (WM) Groups? Please, note that the clip identifies the Khazarians as the WM Jews. We think that the issue is not that Black & White. Therefore, we do not subscribe to the concept. Despite our position, we think that the documentary is a good educational tool because it let us peer into the actual situation of Israel. For a more complete discussion of the topic, please visit our webpage The Scapegoats of 666.

Before going forward, we need to review what a Former Minister of Israel has to say about the deliberate campaign of Misinformation, Disinformation, Redirection, Refocusing, etc. We hope that once you hear this person, you follow our advice and concentrate on Winnable Battles.

Former Minister of Israel
Explains Re-Direction Trick

Subliminal Trick Specialist Explains
Fox "Fair & Balance" Example

In Law, this technique of attacking a person instead of addressing the problem is called: Ad Hominem. Below, we give an example between two heavy-duty intellectuals, both Jews. One participant is famous Layer Alan Dershowitz (known from the famous OJ Simpson trial). The other is famous Political Scientist Norman Finkelstein. The topic at hand is the book by Dershowitz on his proposed solution for the Palestinian situation. This is a good example of waisted energy. We figure that if Finkelstein would have brought the Images of DU Babies, the issue would be easier to resolve. Instead, Finkelstein used his courage to confront powerful Dershowitz. As a result, Finkelstein was Fired Without Cause (got a severance deal, etc).

Battle of The Minds:
Finkelstein & Deshowitz

The illegal occupation of the Palestinian territory (as per United Nations rulings) continues because Israel is incentivated (behind the scenes) to do so by The US Government. This incentivation by the US reminds us that Saddam Hussein received incentive (Green Light for The Go-Ahead) from The US Government to invade Kuwait (what started Saddam's downfall because it justified US Invasion into the region). We will not go into this topic at the moment as we think that the #1 Problem is the Physical and Genetic Holocaust inflicted on Iraq by Our War Criminals.

Below we give another example of the perpetual discussions (bickering) that deviate our attention from the #1 Problem: The Iraquis Holocaust. Everybody continues to fall into this Re-Direction Trap when it would be much easier to avoid the perennial discussion and concentrate on what has no Argument: The Iraquis Holocaust.

We wonder why is it that in the following videos, instead of asking: Who Really Benefits From This Situation, the Focus is given to Perennial Ethnic Disputes (Jews and Arabs), etc. At no moment, mention is made of The Warmongers-Megalomaniacs (WM), The Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) or The Elite. We can picture The Elite laughing at The Fools who have no clue on what is really happening behind the scenes.

One of the video clips shows a Battle of The Minds between the famous CNN anchorman Wolf Blitzer and Norman Finkelstein. Note that both Blitzer and Finkelstein (both of Jewish ancestry) are much younger in the clip than they are today.

Battle of The Minds:
Finkelstein & Blitzer (1989)

We also give you a more recent clip of a discussion between Finkelstein (who defends the rights of the Palestinians) and 2 of his oponents (also Jews). We hope the reader learns from this 2-against-1 match-of-minds about the topic of Anti-Semitism (please, see the section on Terminology for clarification on the meaning of Semitism and Anti-Semitism).

Former President Carter

Battle of The Minds:
Blitzer & Duke

Within its arsenal of Disinformation, we encounter Re-Direction of Attention. Re-Direction is a technique (a trick) that is used by Illusionists and Magicians. Thus, for example, The Elite can create a Theme such as Global Warming to deflect any attention on their Criminal Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sure Global Warming is important but... How do we explain that, at the same time that The Government says it is trying to protect the planet, The Government is spreading Radioactive Waste (Depleted Uranium) over Iraq (hundreds of tons)? These 2 positions constitute a Contradiction. Thus, it is clear that The Goverment is not being honest.

As it is known by Intelligence Officers (i.e. Spies and some Spionage-Related Professionals), our current situation is the result of a Planned Operation by The Elite. This is explained well in the clip we provide elsewhere with the former Russian Spy.

Therefore, Keeping The People in Ignorance (Particularly The Young People who will die in the Wars) is part of The Game played by The Elite and its WMP.

For us is very disconcerting for us to find that many soldiers are Ignorant on DU. Even with the large amount of serious material available, they think that Depleted Uranium (DU) Ammunition is safe because their superior said so (talk about mind-conditioning and control).

Our presentation is analogous to viewing a Rain Forest at different altitudes. At ground level, we can see the Trees (as most people are used to) and the Ecosystem at that level. As we move up, towards the Canope, we start realizing that there is more to the Rain Forest than it appears at the ground level. Then, as we leave the canope and have a Satellite view, we can see the criminal and illegal devastation of large areas of the Rain Forest. Only at the Satellite View Level we are able to realize that this devastation is possible thanks to the collaboration between The Logging Industry (The Corporation) and The Government (The Puppet) and that at the extremes of the equation we have two major forces: The Elite (The Puppet Masters) and The People (The Slaves Who Obey The Puppets of The Elite). Let us not forget that it is The People that fills the cofers of The Elite and that die in the Illegal and Criminal Wars of Instigated by The Elite.


Our Troops and Our Mercenaries continue killing Iraquis in the believe that they do so to help The Iraqui People. They still do not get it that we are in Iraq illegally and criminally. They still believe that all of this is a video game and that the war in Iraq was caused by Saddam Hussein, by his WMDs, and all that Brainwashing soups that they are feed 24/7.

Who Are The Elite's Magicians

We would bet that someone with the skills of Criss Angel would be great for The Elite's Evil Deeds. Let us watch his famous trick involving a Transport Vehicle (A Fast Car) passing through an Explosion with simultaneous Ball of Fire. We like this example because it corresponds to the first tragic event that happened on 911: an explosion of a Transport Vehicle: An Airplane.

Next, we invite you to learn about Jasper Maskelyne: The War Magician
Maskelyne served the United Kingdom (The English Empire) during WW2. Maskelyne was best known for deceiving the famous Nazi Field Marshal Rommel (aka The Desert Fox). Here is a revealing clip.

Therefore, there is little doubt that The Elite used and uses the services of Magicians for their World Domination Plans.

Do Not Confuse A Magician, a person that has the ability of making things disappear through Illusions, With A Crook, a person that has the ability to use falshoods to make things disappear.

The latter is exemplified by the disappearance of 2+ Trillion dollars announced by the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, the day before 911. Rumsfeld has made disappear much more money than that. It appears that the Pentagon Illusionists (likely Wannabes) did not carry out adequately the Terrorist Attack. It has been pointed out that The Invisible Plane that Hit the Pentagon on 911 chose the exact place where the record-keeping department was located. That Amateur Terrorist-Pilot was Very Helpful for The Military-Industrial Complex (Crime Inc)!

World War 2 Illusionist:
Jasper Maskelyne

Gov Illusionists: Rumsfeld & Gang
Serial Tricks & Un-Truths?!


Pilots For 911 Truth Speak


Decoy / Shill ? !


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