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The Warmonguering Megalomaniacs in Power (WMP) have announced repeatedly their wish for their World-Wide Empire: The New World Order (NWO). They do it in an un-sophisticated manner. They repeat the NWO phrase over and over as it is commonly done when a person wants another to enter into a trance of acceptance. Therefore, we shall examine this concept first.

Just listen to the words of Bush Senior (Ex-CIA Director & President of The USA)... Listen to all the leaders talking about The NWO. None of them said (says) that this is what The People (as in "We, The People") want(s). Of course, they can't say that because they never asked The People. Therefore, it is obvious that The NWO is a deal among The Political Leaders (The Puppets) who follow their Supreme World Puppet Masters.

We will briefly discuss the alarming implementation of the Martial Law and Law Enforcement Regulations. The whole situation become very clear and very scary. Let us proceed...


More and more we hear the NWO Evil and Hypnotic Mantra. The Puppets that pronounce the NWO expression do it in an Svengali fashion. Here is a short clip that the author calls: The Idiot's Guide to the NWO... Hope you enjoy...

As we try to succintly present in this website, The Masters' NWO Mantra is aimed at Conditioning our Minds (the same as Mind-Conditioning) to accept their Megalomaniac Goals of World Domination. Sadly, we already see the effective training of the Circus Seals, "The Sheeple" (as Bill Cooper would say), clapping their hands whenever The Masters' Puppets pronounce the words: "New World Order". This is the effect we see in those soldiers invading Iraq and Afghanistan and telling us that they are fighting for a just cause (i.e. they don't even know that the invasions were based on lies). Check the next clip.

Italy's Famous Hypnotist-Thief

From the above demonstration, it is pretty obvious that The Masters have launched their final campaign for World Domination. It is obvious because they do not have opposition and they have conditioned The People to not think and just follow. The Masters intend to achieve its Goals at the expense of the suffering of hundreds of millions of Americans and billions of people all over the world. After all, this is what they have envisioned for their Depopulation Program.


The situation is grave indeed...

Even if all the odds demonstrate that the candidate X will win, The New-&-Improved Electronic Voting introduced by The Masters, insures that The Masters' candidate wins (as in the case for the Bush-Gore election 2000).

The Masters Silence
Courageous Whistleblowers

The Masters Eliminate
Key Dissidents & Witnesses

The Masters Commit Fraud
(Check Bush-Gore Election 2000)

Another Journalist Speaks Out
Famous Greg Palast


RFK Junior Compliments
Greg Palast


Other Courageous Journalists


As the reader probably knows, our Nobel Peace Prize President signed the NDAA (Martial Law) on December 31st, 2011.

We had previously echoed the warnings of others, with the video clips below, that the conditions were being placed for the current predicament. Therefore, we can conclude that all the signs point to the sad fact that "We, The People" (as defined by The Constitution) have become 'We, The Zombies' with a free pass to The Slaughterhouse.

The reader is reminded that whether it is 1,000 or 1,000,000 or 100,000,000, it makes no difference to The Masters' pragmatism and amorality. Indeed, they have directly expressed their wishes for curtailing world population. For The Masters, The End Justifies The Means for The Greater Good (where Good means what The Satanic-Worshiping Masters consider Good). Indeed, before the tragedy of 911 of 2001 there was the 911 tragedy of 1973 in Chile: The US-Sponsored Coup led by Pinochet that caused hundreds of thousands of Chilean lives.

CIA-Backed Fascist Overthrow
Of Democratically-Elected
Chilean Government
911 of 1973

After 911 of 2001, the US Government launched the planned unjustified and criminal invasion of Iraq where the WMDs and Terrorist Justifications were quickly disproven but even today not challenged or even seriously discussed (even in the Media - never mind The Congress).

Evil Invasions of
Afghanistan, Iraq, etcetera
All Justified With Lies

As a result of the 911 Terror Attacks (proven to have not been carried out by the accused Bin-Laden), over a million of innocent civilians from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc, have been killed, mutilated or genetically affected due to the massive use by the US military of Depleted Uranium (A Nuclear Waste).

The history of US secret interventions (undeclared wars) in other countries, false flag operations (FFOs), etc, is vast and well documented. Please, note that other countries have done the same. However, the focus of this website is to discuss the dangerous role that the USA has assumed as Leader of the New World Empire that The Masters like to call: The New World Order (NWO).

Final Remarks
To Reinforce Concept

Do not forget that The Masters do not have a country, for they are Globalists. What they have is a purpose: Money + Power to Have More Money (i.e. Megalomaniac Greed and Warmongering). Whoever wins is irrelevant. All they want is to maintain the control of the money. The Rothschilds are famous for having said this (check it out in the internet). Other rich families also follow that concept. Protracted wars are the ones that render the greatest profits for The Masters, while they chop down the world population (as per their Goals). If you forgot the 1934 documentary Dealers in Death, please watch it again.

The link between The Masters and Terrorist Organizations has been discussed in a Book and in a French documentary given below.


Example of False Flag Operations
Used To Restrict Liberties

Black Ops: Assassination!
Own Seal Team Assassinated!

Black Ops: Assassination!
Own Heroe Assassinated!
The Pat Tillman Murder

Black Ops: Assassination!
JFK Junior Murder

Don't Judge The Message
By Its Messenger...

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