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Charlie Chaplin Warned Us!
Hollywood's The Great Dictator

Always try to see The Big Picture. Most of us try to focus on divisions among We, The Slaves, while The Masters are laughing at us on their way to their banks. We recommend the reader to check what the late comedian George Carlin had to say on the topic.


Before we proceed, we must introduce the opinion of an important military man of Jewish ancestry: Dr. Alan Sabrovsky (former Director of Studies of the prestigious US Military War College). The following interview, we believe, clarifies and supports the issues that we try to explain. Please, note that the image below (taken from the video clip) is related to the 1967 Israeli attack of the US Navy ship USS Liberty. Amazingly, this attack was condoned by the US Government. We ask the reader to study carefully the USS Liberty incident because it has relevance to understanding those who believe that a rogue faction in the Israeli government was involved in 911.

If you wonder why you did not hear about the USS Liberty attack it is because the crew of the USS Liberty was ordered secrecy (i.e. anyone telling about the attack would go to prison). Thus, even if the people wanted to talk about it, they remained mind-conditioned to be silent (instead of moving to another country and denounce the War Crime). This situation was aided by The Puppets servants to The Masters (The Politicians, The Propaganda Machine, The Media, etc). Other relevant stories have been swept under the rug. One of such stories is a seldom publicized Crime Organization which we discuss at the end of this webpage.

The Psychopathic Warmongers-Megalomaniacs (WMs) serving The Masters (equally psychopaths), is a rogue group that has always been involved in profiteering from Wars (i.e. those War Racketeers realistically depicted in the documentary Dealers in Death).

We have compiled a collection of documentaries that will help those who have been on the sideline of Reality.

The documentary Uroko (Japanese represents 'awakening') is good for the the mind-conditioned Zombies of Society. The documentary Want your mind BLOWN? is 5h-long. We recommend the reader to make an effort to watch the documentary. The reader may go directly to the part relevant to our present discussion by clicking here. We include the cover of 2 significant books. The first book is The King's Torah (2009), which calls for killing innocent people (including children and babies) as long as they pose a future threat (e.g. revenge when children grow up). Whereas the first book of 2009 is no fantasy, the second book The Protocols of The Wise Elders of Zion (original version of 1905), usually called The Protocols of Zion, is disputed to be a "forgery" (long story which seems irrelevant at this point). The reason why we have collaged them is because the relatively recent book (i.e. The King's Torah) shares many ideas with The Talmud (written hundreds of years ago). However, we think that it is our duty to look it up so that we learn what is out there (and it is not pretty).


USS_Liberty_What_I_Saw_That_Day_01 Israel_Secret_Wars_01
Jack_Bernstein_Life_of_An_American_Jewish_in_Racist_Marxist_Israel_01 Jack_Bernstein_01



What if one day Jews and Muslims discovered that their friction is caused by an old enemy of both?

Let us hypothesize that this all powerful enemy is the Ancient Roman Empire, reshaped as the Roman Catholic Church but collaborating with all the Kingdoms of The World. We discuss this hypothesis in our Appendices: The Beast's Pyramidal Web and Occult. We would like to repost a documentary that explains how the public opinion is manipulated by The Masters through their Media Puppets.

It is well-known that The Problem between Jews and Muslims only started when Israel was finally recognized as a state. Therefore, we always ask: Who Benefits? Every time we utter this question, we come back to the 1934 documentary Dealers in Death, shown again below.

1934 Masterpiece Documentary
The Story Of The War Racket


We refer the reader to The Balfour Declaration of 1917 that is an acknoledgement of a Deal made between The Zionist (Federation) leaders: The Rothschild Family (The Richest in The World) and The British Empire. We note, however, that it appears that "All Roads Lead To Rome" as discussed in our Appendix: The Beast's Pyramidal Web.

Since Wars require enemies, the takeover of Palestine by The Zionists and the instalation of a Puppet Warmongering State (Zionist Israel - working for The Rothschilds) would be a dream for the War Racket (including the Bankers who finance the Wars). It is said that The Rothschilds own most of the Palestinian land but we are yet to confirm this claim. Watch the following video and do your own research.

Hitler, Rothschild & Zionism

The First Zionist settlement in Palestine, Nahalal, occurred on September 11th of 1921. This first stage is called Pre-State (of Israel).

The First British Empire Mandate in Palestine began on September 11th of 1922.

The State of Israel was declared on May 14th of 1948, in Palestinian Territory, without consulting The People of Palestine. Wikipedia mentions the Persecution of Jews as a justification for the need for a new state but... as many point out (e.g. Veteran Journalist Helen Thomas) in 1948 the Jewish were not persecuted anymore. Finally, as discussed by many Jewish people: Why Palestinians had to pay for the crimes of the Germans? Does it not make more sense to get the land from the Germans?

The whole predicament only makes sense when seen within the larger picture of The Masters planting the Seed of Discord in the Middle East in order to disrupt the region and conquer it through their proxy warmonger Zionists. This is the situation that feeds the coffers of The War Racket and The Masters.

It seems appropriate to mention that the declaration of the state of Israel was accelerated by the terrorist attacks by the Zionist Terrorist Group Irgun. The breakthrough terrorist attack was that of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem (July 22nd, 1946) - with 91 killed and 46 injured. Several Top Officials of the Israel Government belonged to the Irgun. Let us check again what Dr. Alan Sabrosky says. Please, note that although the audio in this clip is similar to the first one, the images are different.

Since the creation of Israel did not happen until after the end of World War 2, one must wonder about the Hitler's Conspirators in The Holocaust of The Jewish People (i.e. the non-Elite). It is widely recognized that Hitler was heavily financed by The Masters. Several of the individuals who financed Nazi Germany's Hitler (and the Allies) were openly Zionists or served the Zionist Masters. Furthermore, they also financed the other side: Communist Russia's Stalin. This has been extensively documented by Professor Antony C. Sutton. As Professor Sutton called it in his book: "Best Enemies Money Can Buy".


Therefore, could it be that the 6 million Jews exterminated served The Zionist cause to make Germans and Europeans feel guilty and steal the land from The Palestinians to give it to The Zionists (claiming to be representing The Jewish People)? This is what some think (example: Myron C. Fagan, 1967). So far, it appears that nobody has been able to publish about this possibility.

Once again, we ask the reader to put the reasoning hat and bear in mind that Zionism does not mean Judaism (and vice-versa). Indeed, this is why we have the oxymoron: Christian Zionists. Zionism is to Jews what Nazism was to Germans, Fascism was to Italians or Communism was to Russians. One cannot equate them. Note that our chosing the video clips with children is motivated by a section that we dedicate to Mind-Conditioning.


Former Minister of Israel
Explains Re-Direction Trick

Former Auswitchz Survivor
Dr. Hajo Meyer Talks
About Nazi Israel

Former President Carter

Famous Journalist
Semite Helen Thomas
Punished by The Masters


The Zionist Elite:
The House of Rothshild
Created The Problem

The IDF General's Son
Tells The Story
Warmongering Zionists Created The Problem

The Zionist Warmongering Lobby


The commercial name, prepared by The NeoFascist Propaganda Machine, for The Warmongering Megalomaniacs faction of the Zionist movement, is The Israel Lobby. This terminology is aimed at confusing the disinformed people, the Mentally and Spiritually Obese people who have no time to think about Reality but choses to stick to the 150 TV Channels that have no Socially-Constructive Content.

Judaism Is Not Zionism
Jews Practice Judaism
Zionists Practice Zionism

A major source of confusion (which is good for The Elite) of the Ignorant public is the identification of Judaism as Zionism and vice versa. We encourage the reader to visit Wikipedia and other sources for definitions of Jews and Zionists.

We also encourage to check the definition of Anti-Semite and of Semite. The reader will be amazed to find out that Paletinians are Semite. Therefore, those who hate Palestinians are Anti-Semite! How is that for hijacking words and for keeping the public ignorant! All courtesy of the Media Whorehouses.

Furthermore, we believe that an expert such as Shlomo Sand (Professor of History at Tel-Aviv University, Israel) is a better person to listen to for various reasons; among them: he has Jewish ancestry, he lives in Israel, he is an expert in relevant History.

Shlomo Sand - Professor of History
TelAviv University - Israel

Ensuring Racist Hate Through
Psychopath Indoctrination
(Old-Fashioned Proven Formula)
NOTE: Palestinians are Semite!


Old Thinking About Zionism
Do Your Homework & Learn!

Theories on Zionism:
Ashkenazis, Khazars, Scythians, etc
(a bit messy story)

Do A Good Homework & Learn!

Check Terminology with Wikipedia


Other Relevant Myths & Fables
"The Truth Will Set You Free."

Sheeple Mind-Conditioning
With Religion, Politics, etc

Blood-Curling Activists...
WARNING! Use critical analysis.

We believe that it is imperative to read authors that impact society or parts thereof. We are against Supremacy, Bigotry, Warmongering, Imperialism, etc. In short, we are against any actions that diminish Humans of Any Shape-and-Form (pardon the redundancy). We are also against the burning of books like it was done before, during and after Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Like medical students, we must deal with the grotesque side of Life and dig into the corpses to understand how things work.

The Roman Empire of antiquity exterminated The Great Carthage (only remembered by its warrior Hannibal). Today, we only hear good things about The Roman Empire (i.e. a model to follow). The Holy Inquisition of the Middle Ages took care of anyone opposing it and exterminated hundreds of millions of Natives in The Americas (their very own New World Order). Today, we only hear good things about the progress that the Roman Catholic Church, promoting the veneration of the mother of Jesus of Nazareth. The Pope has called for The New World Order and accepted the integration of All Faiths.

Some of the authors of this website have direct experience with Dictatorships. Therefore, we must inform those who have not had the distinction of experiencing Totalitarian Regimes (Fascist, Nazist, Communist, Pseudo-Democratic, etc) that once we allow our government to commit to the path of extremism (as it looks it has as of December 31st of 2011, when the NDAA was signed), we are going not into the Rabbit Hole (where there is a return path) but into the Black Hole (where there is no return).

Reports are appearing of extreme behavior by the Repressive Apparatus of the Government (do look it up in YouTube). Consequently, we believe that, to keep in shape, the mind requires exercise as do muscles. We think that the mind can be exercised by challenging it with sensitive subjects (e.g. racism) as this challenge makes use think (i.e. use our minds). Dr. Alan Sabrosky reminds us that we must always apply

The Principle of Who Benefits

Brother_Nathanael_911_Mossad Wikispooks_911_Mossad
Israel_Organized_Crime_Promised_Land_02_40% Jewish_Supremacism_01


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