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Lying, or like some politically-correct people like to say: "saying falsehoods" (not that this refined expression makes it right to lie), is one of the specialties of The House of The Masters. The Masters do this with the aiding-and-abetting of their Pseudo-Journalistic, NeoFascist Media Puppets. A discussion of this topic is given elsewhere in our website. However, for the convenience of the audience, we repeat this very informative documentary. Obviously, we don't want the audience to miss this information (hidden from us for decades).

The Pinocchio Syndrome is useful to identify The Puppets who constantly lie to us (pardon the redundancy). The concept used here is related to a set of human physical and behavioral characteristics. The name Pinocchio is used as a characterization term (much like an adjective) due to a couple of characteristics dealing with the nose (e.g. red and itchy nose due to increased blood flow). Remember that scene in Disney's Pinocchio? The scence where his nose grows more and more as he continues to lie to the Fairy Godmother? The Fairy says:


The Government Conspiracy to Cover the Truth has been scientifically demonstrated and partly posted in YouTube videos (e.g. the video of the High School Physics Teacher: David Chandler). Note that we try to avoid falling into discussions of specific details because these discussions allow The Criminals to Re-Focus Attention into non-issues. For example, even though the Nano-Thermite discussion is important, we believe that the most important issue to be discussed is: Why did The Government Destroyed The Criminal Evidence? Other aspects of great importance have been pointed out: The Money Trail, "Abel Danger", War Games, WTC Explosions, 3rd Tower (WTC7) Free Fall, Stock Market Activity, "Dancing Mossad Israelites", Silverstein's "Pull-It", and other suspicious activities not investigated, etc. These were dealt with in our Website Main Page.

911 Physics 101

The reader can pull this section on Physics because we believe it is not needed. We simply give it here to show how easy it is to demonstrate the deceitfulness of the Official Version of the 911 Events.

For the reader with limited background in Physics we explain an important/key concept that Chandler did not explain in layman's terms because he is used to thinking only of High School students or above.

The Key Concepts discussed in the video are Acceleration and Velocity.

Acceleration is the Rate of Change of Velocity.
A simple layman's explanation is as follows.
If Acceleration is constant (as in a car accelerator), the velocity is constantly increasing. In Science and Tech, Acceleration is given in terms of meters and seconds. Let us explain with a simple example. If Acceleration is 2, the Velocity increases 2 times each 1 second. Hence, if a driver of a car starts with a velocicy of 5, after 1 second the velocity would be 10, after 2 seconds the velocity would be 20, after 3 seconds it would be 40 , and so on.

The Universal Law of Gravity (which brings buildings down) is based on the Universal Concept of Gravitational Acceleration (represented by the lowercase letter g). In our planet Earth, the value of the acceleration is just under 10 (more precisely: 9.8 and some more digits after the 8). This means that everything that falls in the air Without Opposition (this is why the term "Free Fall" is used) will fall with acceleration close to that of Gravity (i.e. g).

This is why Teacher Chandler correctly points out the Gross Error in the NIST report. Briefly:

One Cannot Have Constant Acceleration (as expected for Free Fall) and
Have Constant Velocity At The Same Time (not Free Fall).

This expression classifies for what people call Oxymoron (i.e. Intrinsically Contradictory or It Does Not Make Sense).

In summary, Teacher Chandler makes an excellent presentation (with Zero Budget) that tears down the fallacy presented by NIST (a Branch of The Puppet Government).

While we are in the subject of Physics, we like to add that people in the military (dealing with DU ordinance) like to use the term Kinetic. In Physics, this term implies movement. Thus, when talking about Kinetic Energy, it means that the Energy is a function of the movement which, in turn, can be represented by velocity. Thus, in simple terms, Kinetic Energy is given as:

EnergyKinetic= Mass x Velocity x Velocity / 2

Another type of energy that is mentioned in the explanation of the Free Fall of the WTC Towers is the Potential Energy which is a function of Force of Gravity as shown below.

EnergyPotential= Mass x Height x g

Where g is the acceleration (i.e. change of velocity per unit time) of the gravitational force (about 9.8 meters/second / second).

Back To Pinocchio...

Other characteristics of the Pinocchio Syndrome are the difficulties in forming and pronouncing sentences in improvised (unprepared) interviews or conversations (even in persons who are known by their past fluent speech abilities). These difficulties are known by the generic term of Speech Impairment (similar to that of drunken or drugged people).

On the basis of the easy-to-prove facts about The Truth of 911, we conclude that the Pinocchio Syndrome characteristics displayed by The Top Puppets are the result of their knowledge of their Misrepresentation of The Truth (i.e. They Lie).

Since speech function is related to the integral activities of various areas of the brain (e.g. Broca's area and Wernicke's area), the scientific explanation for this speech impairment is based on the failure to normally coordinate the functions of these areas under stressful conditions. This occurs because of severely altered levels of neurotransmitters (biochemicals that facilitate or oppose transmission of the information) that cause the confusion within these brain centers for speech.

The Speech Impairment caused by lying is often seen in kids when they stutter while trying to give an explanation that is obviously false. The more serious the subject of the lie, the more impaired the speech becomes. Below are examples of Deception (Through Lies) from the documentary War by Deception. Please, see our Appendix on Terminology used in our website. Also note that (in)famous Colin Powell is a confirmed Serial Lier. He covered-up the US Massacre of My Lai in Vietnam. He knowingly used false Satellite data for the 1st Gulf War. He knew that the data given to the UN for the war on Iraq was false. There is plenty of information on this and we ask the reader to check it out in their spare time. The message to take home from this is that, as well-demonstrated, The Pseudo-Journalistic NeoFascist Media is accomplice in Warmongering and steering 'We, The Zombie Slaves' into The Abyss.

Other examples follow

This is due to the fact that the mind of the person is not prepared for such a lie (i.e. still has not become embedded in their mind process). Of course, there are exceptions to the rule and these exceptions are used by The Masters for their PR or Public Relations Servants or Talking Heads. Furthermore, this is why Intelligence Services for Governments and Non-Government Agencies train to lie through stressful exercises (so that the brain gets used to this level of stress).

Therefore, applying the Pinocchio Syndrome concept is, in general, very helpful when determining whether is truthful the Information fed to The People by The Government (The Masters' Puppets). This Pinocchio Syndrome was patent in the many comments made by GWB after 911 (particularly those he made on his watching on TV the 1st Plane that hitting the WTC North Tower). Our current President is showing more and more the characteristics of the Pinocchio Syndrome. This is shown in many Internet video clips related to unrehearsed answers to unexpected questions about The Military Interventions that he promised to end when becoming President and The Military Interventions that he started after becoming President.

Below is an artist rendition of GWB and his Team as Pinocchios. Although it may bring some smiles, the amusement ends when we think of the Crimes-Against-Humanity that these Pinocchios have committed: (1) The Radioactive Wastelands they have created with their Radioactive Waste Weapons (aka Depleted Uranium or DU), the Human Deaths and Suffering they have caused, they are still causing, and they will be causing due to the 4.5 Billion Year DU Half-Life.

Learning about the Pinocchio Syndrome allows us to analyze whether a person is lying or not. Therefore, it is very useful when determining who to vote for (e.g. to determine whether the politician is lying). This is well discussed in the scientific/medical literature (e.g. 1, 2).


The New & Improved Puppet

The New Puppet has shown what kind of Oreo Cookie he is. The Masters gave him a Big Freebie for his Presidential Campaign Acting Performance: The Nobel Peace Prize. Boy... Did he fooled a lot of people! Indeed, when he rehearses well, he shows to be A Smooth-Talking Puppet. Very convincing selling Campaign Promises that he did not keep. Like his predecessor, he violated (and continues to violate) the The Constitution. First Time that a Nobel Peace Prize is given for work yet to be performed. Some of us have to apologize for having given him the benefit of the doubt and having voted for him. Let us listen to the people trained for this type of analysis...




The Depleted Uranium Song

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