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Do You Really Want To Know The Truth?

When we started our website, we wanted to provide all sides of the story. However, given the monumental amount of information to be processed by the reader, and the blatant Lies of the NeoFascist Propaganda Machine of The Masters, we have decided to cut down the amount of material presented and focus on what we believe would stand any Court of Law who is not owned by The Masters. Those seeking the Government versions have easy access to The Masters TV Media, deceitfully called "Mainstream Media" (MSM). The MSM is neither "Main" nor "Stream". Instead, it is a Propaganda Machine not different from that used by your favorite Dictator: Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, etc. The only difference is that it has integrated the latest Scientific and Technological advances to Dumb-Down the Public (courtesy of Edward Bernays).

We have chosen to focus on the subject of 911 (aka "The New Pearl Harbor") because it is fresh in our memories and because it is a good case to study and discuss.


Let us start by reviewing History - something that NeoFascist Poster Boy Bill O'Reilly hates to be reminded of.

In 1945, a B-25 Bomber (i.e. a heavy-duty airplane) hit the iconic Empire States in New York City (1945). The YouTube playlist below includes a 1975 office fire at the World Trade Center (WTC). As we can see, both the Empire States and WTC skyscrapers withstood the assaults.

Past Events at New York City Skyscrapers


" This is your last chance...
After this, there is no turning back...
You take The Blue Pill, the story ends...
You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe...
You take The Red Pill, you stay in Wonderland and
I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes..."
Morpheus talking to Neo in the movie The Matrix (1999).

The Matrix is a movie that is relevant because
it deals with a CyberWar (Internet War) between
The People (The Slaves) and The Masters.

You Must Decide
Whether To Remain Ignorant.

911: Real Conspirators


We shall discuss in a separate section that the Reaction of The People to False Flag Operations is the result of Mind-Conditioning (by The Masters) to: (1) Not Think (or Not Even Try To Because of Fear), and (2) To Accept As Truth Every Government Story (as a Drugged-Zombie or Hypnotized-Person). This is why we have replaced the "We, The People" of our Constitution by 'We, The Zombies'.

Our current political, economical and social predicament started with 911 of 2001: The New Pearl Harbor that The Masters needed in order to justify their initial Illegal and Criminal Invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq - now extended to other countries (an idea originally proposed by the NeoFascist Thinktank PNAC a year before 911 of 2001 - click image below).


It would be good for the reader to review or learn about Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941). The Old Pearl Harbor incident was the justification that the US Government needed to enter into World War 2 (WW2) to help The United Kingdom (UK - aka The British Empire) fight Hitler. The 1989 BBC documentary Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor (click image below) gives a good explanation.

The reader is strongly encouraged to search the Internet for this topic because the term New Pearl Harbor is used in the Very Important Document of PNAC (The Masters' Thinktank) that preceeded 911.



Video Clips Related To
The New Pearl Harbor

Below we summarize the Evidence that demonstrates that Falsehood of the Government Explanations for the 911 Events. This evidence is illustrated in the video clips given below.

  1. The alledged terrorists (trained by the Government) did not do it. Indeed, their names were not in the flights "passengers manifests" or lists. Some were found alive after 911.
  2. The Government knew every movement of the alleged terrorists prior to 911.
  3. The Government had prepared-and-trained in War Games for their 911 terror.
  4. The Government carried out War Games on 911 that consisted of the same plans of attacks. This caused great confusion among the personnel in charge for the security of the buildings attacked.
  5. The Government versions (all of them) have been refuted by more than a 1,000 Experts, 100 of Witnesses, etc.
  6. The Government wanted an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan well before 911.

Revealing CBC Investigation #1


Revealing CBC Investigation #2


Revealing CBC Investigation #3


Selected Clips From The Above

Other Interesting Clips

Loose Change

911: Abel Danger Scandal


Terrorist Tsar Richard Clarke


Chilling Testimony of Retired FBI Chief Ted Gunderson

Retired US Strategic Intel
Major Gral Stubblebine


911 War Games, Exercises, etc
Amalgam Virgo,
Other Exercises & Operations


911: CNN First To Broadcast
First To State Plane Hit WTC!!!
Everyone Using The Same Feed???


TV Network Hid Visual Evidence Goof
Goof: "Plane" Nose Remained Intact
( Other Networks Hid TV Fakery Goof )



Foreknowledge of WTC7 Controlled Demolition
MI6 Involvement They Say...

On-Site Witnesses Insist:


UA Flight 93 Crashed Excavated Spot!
Evidence that Government Lied?



911_William_Rodriguez_01_Lettered   The_New_Pearl_Harbor_01

The 911 Computer Software
Used By The Real Terrorists
***Mossad-CIA Joint Black Op?!***



It is amazing to us that nobody has come up with the simplest explanation of why an alleged Commercial Airplane could have not caused the devastation of the Twin Towers (let alone WTC7). There is an immutable principle in Physics called Conservation of Energy. Nobody can touch it. This is why we have The Big Bang Theory. This is the theory that explains that our huge universe started from an (almost) infinitesimal point of an (almost) infinite energy source (that some attribute to God). Most of the Energy carried by the alleged Commmercial Airplane was in the form of Kinetic Energy (EK). This Energy is given by a simple formula that equals the mass m (think weight divided by graviational acceleration) times the square of the speed (v), divided by 2). Any High Schooler (good Physics student of course) can tell you that EK=(mv2)/2 We can add the Energy of the combustible but that energy had a short duration (according to everyone). Now, if one calculates the energy that takes to throw all those steel columns that far away, one comes to an Energy that is several fold larger than that accounted for by the alleged commercial airplane.

The Central Role of The CIA & Allies


On the basis of The Past Failure by "We, The People" to restrain the Psychopathic Warmongers-Megalomaniacs in Power, we feel that we should do our very best to slow down, and if possible prevent, the intensification of the current Apocalyptic situation.


A Premeditated, Well-Planned Operation must have guaranteed all aspects of it to be successful. Below we give some of the aspects that have been identified. Please, do not forget the long history of training that the Secret Armies have had in this area (e.g. NATO's Secret Army of Terrorists as well as other National & Foreign Agencies with Special Departments Trained To Kill in what they euphemistically call Black Ops for Secret Operations - Ninja Assassins Style). We encourage the reader to do research to confirm the points below without consulting The NeoFascist Media (owned by The Masters). Afterwards, it is useful to consult The NeoFascists to see the contrast. Example: For 911 the immediate Fall Guy was Osama|Usama Bin-Laden (OBL, member The Bin-Laden Family with extremely close ties to The Bush Family - we discuss this elsewhere in our website). OBL never appeared in the FBI Wanted List for the 911 Terrorist Attacks. OBL was allowed to leave Afghanistan under the watchful eyes of the US Army. OBL's body, allegedly killed by Navy Seals' was never shown to the public. Some of the members of the operations were killed, alledgely murdered, to prevent them from revealing The Lie of OBL's Black Operation. Furthermore, today the evidence indicates that OBL was not killed in a special operation (we discuss this in a separate section).

The NeoFascist Conspirators' Book of Recipes

  1. Patsies Secured Before Operation: Guaranteed Fall Guys Trained by Government.
  2. Environment Secured Before Operation: Local Authority Transferred To People Trustworthy to Conspirators.
  3. Security Removed: Guaranteed Lack of Protection for Plot Targets.
  4. Criminal Evidence: Destroyed, Hidden and/or Falsified.
  5. Neo-Fascist Media: Supporting Absurd Government Explanations.
  6. Investigative Commissions: Members Working for Government.
  7. Government Conclusions: Counter-Intuitive and Anti-Scientific.
  8. Increased Warmongering of War Racket (Military-Industrial Complex): Illegal (carried out under false pretex) and Criminal Wars (carried out with Banned Weapons and "Rules of Engagement"). Vietnam War (that JFK was going to end) and Afghanistan and Iraq Wars (that the Bush family had planned before 911).
  9. Incalculable Human Suffering: Millions dead. Millions displaced. Millions Affected by Genetic-Altering Toxic Substances: Vietnam, Cambodia, Far East Wars: Agent Orange. Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East Wars: Radioactive Waste or (un)Depleted Uranium (DU).
  10. Further Loss of Citizen and Human Rights. Patriot Act, Homeland Security, etc.Even higher budgets for Repressive Government Agencies (at the expense of "We, The People").
  11. Even More Money For The Masters. As always, The Masters are the one that benefits the most. The Puppets (The NeoFascist Politicians, Media, Industry, get rewarded for their role).

We try our best to make a simple presentation. To achieve this we have placed ourselves in the position of simple people, with minimum or no education. These are the people who can make a big difference but that can also be easily fooled by The Masters (through its Puppets Politicians and Media) into voting for an apparently Person of The People.

NOTE: By general default rules of internet browsers, whenever a word or phrase is underlined, or a picture has border, this means that clicking it will take you to a link. By our own design, our hypertext links are opened in a new page so that the initial page will be maintained. The reader can also go to the Appendix that contains the Terminology (where we have tried to group all the definitions of terms).

The present Warmongering period of The Masters culminated with the wantonly blatant actions of 911 of 2001. Let us check the 911 Masterminds. Please, note that we believe that the major flaw of these excellent documentaries is that the audience is composed of intellectual luminaries and, thus, they fail to make direct clear explanations. Case in point. The 1st person identified as an Insider in the Conspiracy is Paul Bremmer, who later became Governor|Administrator for The US+Allied Forces Illegally+Criminally Invading Iraq. The narrator implies that The Plane Hit Paul Bremmer's Office. Specifically, Bremmer's Office, Marsh & McLennan ("The World's Largest Insurance Brokerage Company") was "In The Impact Zone of The North Tower" (this is the first building hit on 911). Amazingly, the narrator does not explain the significance of this observation which, to our opinion, is immense. The implication of this statement is that Bremmer had installed a Radio Beacon for a Drone Aircraft (as in the infamous Operation Northwoods of the CIA). Other aspects not discussed is the relevance that Bremmer was Chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism prior to 911. Again, by itself, the statement does not give the intended message by the author. Therefore, we give our interpretation. Bremmer had easy access to information and to personnel involved with Terrorism (including those training the Fall Guys: the so-called Islamic Terrorists - who where neither Iraquis, Afghanis or even Al-Qaeda). The fact that he was not in his office on 911 suggests that he knew beforehand of the attacks (remember that the justification in the mind of the conspirators is "The Greater Good" - no matter what). Other Hints given by the narrator (rather than direct, clear explanations) are: (1) remodeling|refurbishing of offices (where Radio Beacons for Drones could have been placed), (2) quagmire|protacted wars (more money for The Masters and their War Racket), etc.

We believe that To Advance The Truth with The People at large (i.e. not just intellectuals), we need better explanations delineating what is being said (uninterruptedly) in a few seconds. Our comment should be taken as Constructive Criticism so that next time intellectuals use the term "stupid" to characterize those who don't get it, the intellectuals ask themselves why they don't get it (answer: bad teaching skills). In the meantime, we ask the reader to rewind a few times the clip until the untold|hidden message is revealed (it is time-consuming but it is worthwhile). For example, at about 2:00 minutes, there is an explanation of Bremmer's involvement with a patent on Nano-Thermite, an advanced technology explosive found in the 911 pulverized towers. Finally, when these facts (obvious to the well educated) are not properly explained to The People, this leaves plenty of room for The NeoFascist Media to confuse The People.

Given that our Nobel Peace Prize President insists that "We, The People" (aka 'We, The Zombies') have to accept the government version of 911, and since he has surpassed the Warmonguering policies of his predecessors, we feel that we must give you the single opinion of thousands of experts on what happened on 911 of 2001 (the justification for going into wars: The New Pearl Harbor as per PNAC Warmongering Philosophy). Let us not forget to give also credit to the great Zbigniew Brzezinsky, who published his Warmongering Ideology in his book The Grand Chessboard (1998).



*** ARGUMENT ***
TV Images of 911 Planes Are Product of
Computer-Based Image Manipulation
(aka Special Effects or FX)

Let us depart from the point that the first plane that hit the WTC1 (North Tower) was only observed by GWB and one camera crew that happened to be filming and properly positioned.

The evidence shows that the networks were complicit in covering the attack on the WTC2 (South Tower) by the Flying Object which, on-site witnesses identified as a Military Airplane, a Missile, etc. Simple logic tells us that whatever type of Flying Object hit WTC2 must have been the same type that hit WTC1 (North Tower). The strongest argument supporting the concept that Non-Commercial Flying Objects hit the towers is the combination of the On-Site Eye-Witnesses along with the TV Showing Intact Nose Traversing WTC2, the so called: "Nose In - Nose Out" Event. Since this could have not happened under any circumstance, the conclusion is reached that the whole TV Show was the result of TV Special Effects (Goof up by the TV Special Effects in Charge). This interpretation is further supported by the TV Bannerlater added to cover the Goof in TV Trickery. That this was an orchestrated TV Trickery gone bad is further supported by the Infamous Goof on the Demolition of The Solomon Brothers Building (aka WTC7)

Of particular relevance to the 911 attacks is the 1960s Military Plan to carry out terrorist attacks similar to those of 911 (see Operation Northwoods).

Don't forget to always ask: Who Benefits? This is always key to Criminal Investigations. We are dealing with very intelligent and astute Warmongers Megalomaniacs (i.e. 100% Proof Devil-Worshiping Psychopaths).

Pilots For 911 Truth Speak


Bill Cooper's Radio Broadcast
September 11th of 2011
8 hours long

The late Bill Cooper, the man who in June of 2001 confirmed the July 2001 prediction of Alex Jones (click here to hear dispute), offered a very interesting radio broadcast on the day of the terrorist attacks. His broadcast was made in his show Hour Of The Time. This particular broadcast is very long (8 hours) since it intended to accompany the events of 9-11 of 2001. Therefore, the listener has to have time to properly study the broadcast.


Alternative To Not Waking Up in 2012?!


Better Wake Up in 2012?!


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