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We started this new section, dedicated to the Occult, at the end of March 2012. By Occult we mean the practices of witchcraft (and alike) used for Good and Evil (check the Wikipedia link we just gave). For an example, click here.

The Occult has been used by humans since their beginnings and we believe that it is currently used to pursue the Word Governance.

Since we are not experts in this area, our initial purpose in this section is to provide a collection of documentaries that explain the practices used in Secret Societies to gather their practicioners in the pursue of World Domination.

Do not forget to read the YouTube uploaders' video descriptions as they provide a guide to understanding the uploaders' purpose.


The video below (click image) shows how the Arts, Architecture, Science and Technology are used to convey hidden messages. The image is a photograph of the Canvas Presiding the United Nations Security Council.



Below we have a video collection for a brand-new capital city designed for the "Novus Ordo Seclorum".


Below we have a video that exemplifies how superstars express their devotion to the so-called Illuminati.


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