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When Evil Rules...
Our War Criminals Are Exempted.
Why? Because They Fight For
Democracy & Humanitarian Reasons.

Love Them OR Hate Them

When we went digging for the Truth we knew we were going to find some juicy stories but we wondered how hard it would be to document them. Thanks to the Internet we are able to do our research much faster than ever imagined.

Unfortunately, the more we digged, the more layers of scum we had to clear out and the deeper in The Rabbit Hole we fell and we still keep falling. While this is stimulating our minds, it makes it harder to synthesize and simplify concepts so that our presentation can be readily absorbed by those hypnotized by their TV sets and The NeoFascist Propaganda Machine. Like we learned from our own students: "Keep It Short and Sweet", "Within An Egg-Shell", as in "The KISS Principle".

We are now studying the Occult Societies that underly the famous Illuminati. We are following this line of investigation because, regardless of the reality of the principles under which these societis are based, the fact of the matter is that the members of those societies do believe in those principles (based on Satanic and/or Luciferian concepts). Please, check the Illuminati Defector John Wayne Todd in this YouTube Recording. Our efforts are similar to those of detectives trying to understand a criminal mind (remember Silence of The Lambs?) who believes that The Devil is speaking to him/her and ordering to kill somebody. Below we give a YouTube spoof/parody of The Illuminati and The NWO. It may seem funny but we guarantee you that it is not for it actually reveals the Satanic Plans of The Masters. After gathering enough information, on the Eve of 2012 we created a separate Section for the Subject of The Illuminati (see Appendix: The Beast's Pyramidal Web).

The Secret Organization That Rules
A Satire Of The Truth


How else can we explain that these individuals are the same who sponsored experiments in which the human subjects were injected Radioactive Uranium, Syphilis, etc, or not treated for a curable disease (as in the case of the Syphilis experiments). All these experiments were carried out in a deceitful manner, without properly informing the subjects (DU-style). All these experiments were funded by our so-called Democratic Government (i.e. where some are more democratic than others).

This is the same government that accused Hitler's Gang of their cruel Experiments in Humans. This makes an Excellent Subject for our talented Hollywood producer and director Steven Spielberg, who recently made a film-documentary with actual Jewish Holocaust victims. We are sure that when realizes the lack of attention paid to the current apocalyptic predicament, Spielberg will put his genius to work for the whole of humankind. This, we believe, will slow-down, if not stop the Radioactive Holocaust (a total psychotic madness) going on today in the other side of the world. We like to note that this madness is consistent with The NWO Depopulation Agenda which the movie Home (2009)] tries to justify (without making any mention of the Governments' DU Holocaust).

Note that we use here the definition of Holocaust given by the Bible of the Roman Catholic Church (published before the King James version of the Bible). The Roman Catholic Bible has a concept of Holocaust (as a burnt sacrificial offering) that is never mentioned by the English Media. Since the extermination of tens-to-hundreds of millions of Natives in The Americas following the Humanitarian Help given by The Roman Catholic Church (after 1492) can be considered a Holocaust (as per above definition), we make the use of Holocaust when the dead could be considered a burnt offering to the Roman Catholic Church. Here is a link for the Search Engine of a Roman Catholic Bible.

The tragedy of the Radioactive Holocaust imposed on The Peoples of countries targeted (according to PNAC Guide-to-Extermination), is caused by the evil dispersal of thousands of tons of Radioactive Waste through the deployment and firing of weapons based on radioactive waste material, originally known as DULLRAM and later shortened to the deceitful name of Depleted uranium or DU. This new Holocaust is intended (according to PNAC Philosophy) to exterminate the peoples considered undesirable (the Lesser Races or Non-Humans) by The NeoFascists that infiltrate and dictate our puppet governments. It suffices to inspect the heart wrenching pictures of people, and children in particular, to accept that if this is not a Satanic Cult, it gets pretty close to it. We invite the reader to click here for a webpage revealing important historical details on the issue and the evil that manipulates the Truth told to 'We, The Zombies' (published in 2005).

The Criminal Nature of the use of DU-Based Weapons is explained in the Wikipedia page for Radiological Weapons.

The Criminal Nature of DU-Based Weapons has been known by our government since 1943. This is reflected in the Memo to Brigadier General L.R. Groves (30-Oct-1943)

They are successful in carrying the Holocaust because "We, The People" have been put into a Zombie trance. Thus, they consider us 'We, The Zombies'. We are proud to have joined the crowd labeled Conspiracy Nuts, which is a much better qualification than being part of The Real Conspiracy carried out by The Masters, supported by The NeoFascist Media, Government Puppets and Agents, and War Racketeers (Banksters and Military Industralists). Therefore, we are anticipating that The Poster Boy of The NeoFascist Media (The Wonderful Bill O'Reilly) will be calling for an end of our lives as he has done with others.

What "We, The People" (currently: 'We, The Zombies' or 'We, The Dummies' - choose your pick) do not realize is The Power and Efficiency of The Propaganda Machine. The Depleted Uranium (DU) Cartel follows the Conspiracy Formula/Recipe of many industries. The best known example of this Formula/Recipe is that for The Tobacco Industry Conspiracy. For this reason, we provide below a very educational documentary on this industry. Once you become acquainted with The Tobacco Industry Conspiracy, you will realize that The Real Conspirators do not care about killing Millions (whether those alledged to be terrorists or not). Consequently, why should Conspirators care about killing only 3,000 people in the World Trade Center or WTC (particularly if this brings them great profits)? The reader should think Big (like The Masters and their War Racket) to overcome the Mental Barrier of killing just a handful of individuals. This is no different from a Slaughterhouse run by a Corporation. Have you ever wondered why so many slaughterhouses are run like Concentration Camps (British, Nazis, Soviets, Americans, etc)? The reader should not forget that one of the goals of The Masters is the Depopulation of The Whole World (check out what The Billionaires Club says). Therefore, for The Masters: "The More Dead People... The Better." The Dead People, of course, comes from The Lesser Races that they consider Non-Humans.


The DU Conspiracy Test
Discovery Channel

The Crooks Have Known
The Harmful Effects Of DU
For Many Decades...

The reader should note that recently (14-Dec-2011), the Italian Government decided to compensate 98 citizens of the Island of Sardinia (Quirra region). The Italians call DU by its real name: "Empoverished Uranium" (mainly U238 but containing other contaminants, thus making it Radioactive Waste). The term Empoverished Uranium is used in juxtaposition (i.e. 180o opposed to), as opposed to "Enriched Uranium" (U235). U235 is used for atomic weapons and is obtained during the process of enrichment. One process, propagandized by the NeoFascists, uses centrifuges. This is the one that Gral. Colin Powell told the United Nations (UN) that Saddam Hussein was using. Another process, not publicized, uses Lasers (used in the Israeli Secret-and-Illegal Facility of Dimona - untouched by the UN).

In addition to the opening clip at the top of this webpage, we provide the recent news clip (Dec-15-2011) and follow it by other clips that provide the background for the current situation in Italy. We believe that this compensation is a sign of things to come and perhaps, if the Military Industry does not buy the politicians, the truth about DU will come out. What is most astonishing about the information is that DU weapons were tested since the 1980s in this area. This tells about The Nature of The Beast. Of course, there is a long history with Atomic Bombs in the Pacific. The Manhattan Project Scientists knew about the lethal effects of Empoverished Uranium Gas. The Scientists recommended Empoverished Uranium for Military Use, Highlighting that: Its Actions On Humans Have No Counter-Measure. The Military use of DU constitutes a War Crime Under The Geneva Convention.

DU in Italy


Our Brave Soldiers Having Fun:
DU Bombing of Fallujah, Iraq


Since Industry and Government work in collution (i.e. partnership), we see time and time again, that the same formula or recipe is applied to many industries. Due to the fact that The Terrorist Attacks of 911 of 2001 were carried out under the careful watch of The Bushes, we provide the following videos for your careful and critical study. Note, however, that we believe that the story is far more complicated and goes higher up whithin the Pyramid Capstone (see the above satirical video on Illumicorp).

Bush History: Banking, Fascism & Nazism


The Empire of The New World Order (NWO), inspired in The Roman Empire of Antiquity, has shown again its True Nature and it is one that keeps getting uglier and uglier. The Nature of The Beast resembles a large scale version of The White Supremacists, The KKK, The Nazis, The Eugenics Movement (Planned Parenthood in the USA), and other organizations that look down on social groups lacking their Warmongering-Megalomaniac (WM) Ambitions. Let us briefly review the History related to 911. Please, pay particular attention to Part 5 (at 02:50 min) that shows the Report by Merrit & Harris Inc (December 2000) prepared for The Port Authority. The Report Recommends Immediate Renovation Work On The Steel Columns Contained Within The Elevator Shafts Of Both WTC Twin Towers (i.e. the 1st 2 buildings that fell).


FBI 911-Whistleblower

FBI 911-Whistleblower Dead

Loose Change 911
Another American Coup



Not long ago, the Holocausts and Genocides of Native Americans and African slaves were glorified by the White Supremacists. If you forgot (as The Masters want), here is a taste of our recent past.

After you watch these clips, ask yourself: Have these people vanished? or Have they upgraded their status and moved to High-Level Government Positions?

Could it be that some White Supremacists are now in the Overseas Warmongering Business, serving The Depopulation Program of The Masters?

The KKK Americans
A Source for Hitler's Learning
Similarities with Middle East Groups(?!)


The Nazi Americans



Don't Judge The Messages
By Their Messengers


As Past and Present History shows, The Masters care not whether 3,000 or 6,000,000 lives are spent. For more information on the topics of Social- and Geo-Engineering of The Masters, consult our Appendix on The Beast's Pyramidal Web.

For The New Roman Empire (aka The NWO):

"The End Justifies The Means."

Indeed, when asked about the more than 500,000 Iraqui children deaths caused by the Sanctions by the US and its Allies, several WM Puppets of The Masters have arrogantly stated that:

"The Price Is Worth It."


Don't ever forget about The Nature of The Beast we are dealing with... Neither The Masters nor Their Puppets care about how many die. Indeed, according to their depopulation goals: The Higher The Dead Count, The Merrier. The Masters and their Puppets also do not care whether they are children or babies. Certainly, according to their eugenics program: the more, the better, for the total extermination of ethnic groups. We will discuss this topic when we deal with the PNAC Thinktank for The Masters... First, let us see what our great politician Madeleine Korbelová Albright thinks about killing 500,000 Iraqui Children. Then, let us watch a documentary that explains this War Crime approved by this Patriot. Of course, we must note that we do not mean to criticize the honorable Ms. Korbelová Albright as this would be called Anti-Semitic, with the expected legal and professional consequences already experienced by others. We only ask for the reader to use own judgement. We also want to make you aware of the proposed use of Ethnically-Targeted Biological Weapons (in scientific terms: "Genotype-Specific") by PNAC, the same people who proposed The New Pearl Harbor (click here to watch - there is a 2-min introduction to put the comment into context).

We wonder how would have The Jewish People (we exclude The Warmongers of Israel) liked to hear:

1. That Comment From Hitler And His Puppets?
2. Jokes About Their Concentration-Death Camps?

Here is a Taste of the Disregard of The Masters and The Puppets for The People...

We wholeheartedly dedicate this website to The Jewish People who have heroically protested the Warmongering Megalomaniacs (WM) in Power (WMP) of The World (regardless of Religion, Ethnicity, etc).

We believe that it will be The Jewish People (excluding the small WM group) who will make a decisive difference by helping us to stop the ongoing Iraqui Holocaust and bring back the harmony between Jewish and Muslims that onced existed in Palestine.

We cannot and should not forget the suffering of Native Americans and African Americans who also underwent their own Holocausts at the hands of the Imperialistic Europeans settling in The Americas - called The New World at the time (i.e. their New World Order). Their story is less publicized by The Media (as is the story of other ethnic groups and even civilizations now extinct as a result of Holocausts, Genocides and Mass Murders). We encourage the reader to investigate this part of History because it reveals the long genocidal history of The Masters.

Former CIA Officers Tell...


CIA Special Projects
Greatly Admired by Warmongers,
Megalomaniacs, Supremacists, etc

The Jewish People Holocaust...
Best Known Thanks To Our Media...
The Holocaust Caused By Hitler &
The Banksters Who Financed Him...

The Iraqui People Holocaust
Longest-Lived Ongoing Holocaust
Deaths+ Genetic Mutations
Induced by Depleted Uranium
& Tactical Nuclear Weapons
Caused By US Illegal Invasion

Scientists Explain
US Government Denial Policy
of Radiation Effects for
Military Research on
US Citizens

The Vietnamese People
Deaths + Genetic Mutations Caused by
Toxic Agent Orange Dumping
Caused by US Illegal Invasion

The Aboriginals of The Americas
Caused By European Conquistadores-Settlers

The African Slaves + Descendants
Caused By European Conquistadores-Settlers

The Ukrainian People (Holomodor)
Caused By Stalin
Former Soviet Union (Russia+Other Republics)

The Cambodian People
Caused By US Policy

The East Timor People
Another Holocaust|Genocide
Caused By US Policy

The following Holocausts|Genocides demonstrate the Real Nature of The Beast. Namely, the Government's argument of Intervention in a country to provide Humanitarian Help is blown to pieces with many examples, a couple of which are given below...

The Rwandan People
Another Holocaust|Genocide
Caused By Lack of Relevance to US:

The Sudanese People
Caused By Lack of Relevance to US


The 1934 Documentary... Again...
It appears we did not get the message.


The Masters Enhance
The Warmongering-Megalomaniac
Psychopathic Invasions Worldwide

From The The Corporation (2003):
1934 Fascist Plot To Take The White House

High Priests, Military-Industrial-Complex, etc
Secrets Revealed

Colin Powell's Chief of Staff
Secrets Revealed

GWB's Man Paul O'Neil
Secrets Revealed

Over 90,000 Documents

Military Cover-Up Revealed

Aaron Russo's America:
Freedom to Fascism (2006)

The documentary centers on The Absence of Law Requiring "We, The People" To Pay Income Tax to The US Government. We believe that this information is useful because if there is no such law, then "We, The People" have a weapon to terminate the WMP of our Government. Namely: We could refuse to pay Income Tax. But... Remember to check your 'local listings' first.

The 1930s Fascist Conspiracy
To Take Over The US Government

The reader should note that the only one reason why The Conspiracy failed was the fact that a single person rose up against the Conspirators. That person's name was: Smedley Butler.

If this single man not denounce the Conspiracy, the Conspirators would have been successful and we would have never known about this episode in our History. Therefore, the reader should keep in mind that The Masters, composed of astute individuals, learn their lessons and avoid repeating the same mistakes. This is why many people wonder why is it that if hundreds or thousands of people were involved in JFK or 911 Conspiracy, why is it that nobody has blown the whistle. The reason seems simple. The only persons who would raise against Conspirators are Death Wishers. Consequently, The Masters have made it a priority to Mind-Condition potential conspirators to not risk their well-being and possessions (Material, Love, Sex, etc). This result is the converse of a person Mind-Conditioned for a Suicide Attack.

BBC Radio Broadcast


The Depleted Uranium (DU) Song

Caligula... Rings A Bell?
The Most Notorious Roman Emperor
Reminds You Of Some People You Know?

Night At The Movies

For those who like movie treasures, we recommend Canadian Bacon (1995). The movie is directed by the famous Michael Moore (infamous to The Masters) and has the late comedian John Candy as the main star (plus a cast of other famous comedians). Another gem is Wag The Dog (1997), with Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman. These comedy movies contains an important message on The War Racket and the NeoFascist Warmongering Megalomaniacs in Power (WMP). If you have the time, watch the old movie Burn! (1969), with the late Marlon Brando. The term Burn, as used in the movie, implies a Military Campaign of "Shock and Awe" by destroying everything in sight (kind of remind us of burnt and contaminated Iraq landscapes - Oorah!). The movie Burn! portraits the drama of those who fight for Liberty and against The Might of The Masters.

Animation Showing History
of Nuclear Explosions for 1945-98

By Isao Hashimoto

Home (2009)
A High-Quality Documentary
Explaining Over-Population OR

Why The Masters Have To Depopulate...
Curiously... DU Was Not Mentioned!(?)
Project Funded By The Masters?(!)


Other Versions: بيتنا, French, German, Italian Portuguese, Spanish,

In Case You Missed It...


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