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The increased use of Radioactive Materials in The New Wars of The Masters' Warmongering-Megalomaniacs (WM) is a situation that cannot be ignored anymore. The WM are using small tactical nuclear weapons (4-5 kilotons or kt) and experimental weapons such as DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosive). What they call "Dirty Bombs" in the hands of enemies, turns out with the innocuous commercial name of Depleted Uranium or DU. Interestingly, prior to the use of the term DU, the term used by the Military was DULLRAM - which stands for Depleted Uranium Low Level Radioactive Material. The acronym DULLRAM is defined in several Military webpages. Since these webpages are modified or deleted for various reasons, we ask the reader to do his/her own internet search.

Note that Uranium (with physical and chemical symbol= U) has other properties that makes it an ideal weapon for Warmongering-Megalomaniacs (who, by definition, have high disregard for The People). Briefly, in addition to its radioactive properties, it is highly toxic and pyrophoric (i.e. they ignite spontaneously, even in water of humid air). Therefore, Uranium Dust (created by the explosion of DU munition) causes havoc in living organisms such as humans.

In the meantime, The Depopulation of The Lesser People keeps going on and it will intensify (as per PNAC Neo-Fascist Advice). This has begun with the dispersal of hazardous radioactive material (contaminated DU) which causes immediate and long-term problems. The toxic radioactive material has a half-life of several Billions of years (around 4.5 Billion years). Half-life mean the time it takes to reduce the radioactivity to half its initial value. It then follows that this is a very serious problem. We cannot see any other problem more serious than this one. Therefore, we consider un-Depleted Uranium (unDU) the #1 problem of our beautiful Planet. The Criminals who have perpetrated these crimes are the usual ones: The WM in Power (WMP).

This Satanic Action by The Masters is The Achilles Heel (fatal weakness) Of The Beast. Thanks to this action, "We, The People" and The Peoples of The World, will be able to demonstrate the Evil Nature of The Warmongering-Megalomanics, WM, that form part of The Beast.

"Knowledge is Power"... Thus, it follows that Ignorance is Lack of Power... The importance that The Mind plays in society has been stressed throughout History. One of the most famous men in History, Napoleon Bonaparte said:


Therefore, "We, The People" must focus our attention on acquiring Knowledge before taking any further step. This will prevent The Masters from manipulating us (example: by throwing us into a dispute among ourselves or guiding us into the wrong direction).

We have been misled all of our lives by The Masters (through its Puppets and its effective NeoFascist Propaganda Machine). The Masters have been able to carry out their Illegal, Un-Constitutional activities (Wars, Assassinations, Coup d'Etats, etc) thanks to our Ignorance.

911 Triggered The Beginning Of The End For Our Civil Liberties and Our Hopes For A Better World. Following 911, the Warmongering Megalomaniac (WM) Ambitions of The Masters escalated rapidly.


Today, The Masters pose a Serious Threat to The Whole World. We are not talking just about War and Peace, but also about the Health of the Citizens of The World and To The Health of Our planet. These Psychopaths are dispersing Radioactive Waste all over the world. This Radioactive Material has been deceitfully labeled with the seemingly harmless label of Depleted Uranium or DU). At this moment, several places within Iraq have radioactivity levels many times higher than in the 2 Japanese cities bombarded with Atomic Bombs by the US: Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Since we give the highest priority to young people education, we do not want to overload them with heavy-duty content. Therefore, we provide links for 2 scenes of the futuristic 1990 movie Total Recall (with Arnold as the Star). The scenes shows the central emphasis of the movie on the supreme importance of The Mind in deciding the Future of Humanity. Click here: 1 and 2.

Further down we give an amazing documentary in 7 parts. We have provided the 7 parts of it as they do not appear in sequence in the Internet (making it difficult for the novice to follow the sequence). Pay attention to Part 7 of the Documentary where the French Nuclear Physicist Monique Sene describes that the material used for the Munnition contains highly radioactive material derived from a Nuclear Reactor (i.e. Radioactive Waste). Please, search the internet for the videos with DU, Dr. Doug Rokke (Physicist, Doctor in Sciences in the area of Educational Physics).

Note that, like in the case of those who opposed the criminal use of Agent Orange against The People of Vietnam (but that also affected US troops), Dr. Rokke and other opponents of DU ordnance or munition have received criticisms from the same people supporting those who sold us the Solid Proof of The Existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq (e.g. 1). This is the same strategy and tactic used to delay recall of the product being sold (like the Tobacco Industry in their proven conspiracy to continue the profits at the expense of The People). Here is a brief reminder of The Lie told by Top Dog Colin Powell. He, like his colleagues in crime, should be sent to the International Court and Sentenced for Crimes Against Humanity.

Sorry! Our apologies... Our mistake...
The Masters who own these Puppets also own The UN.
Thus, The Masters' Criminal Puppets will never be prosecuted.
Just check History to confirm what everyone knows.

It also reminds us of the long battle that the Tobacco Corporations fought against those who claimed the carcinogenic (i.e. cancer-producing) nature of cigarettes. After decades, the Tobacco industry lost, leaving a trail of death and cancer patients. We can mention many other Corporations that have managed to survive criticisms to their deadly products. The Military-Industrial Complex does not escape. Their Deadly DU gives them great profits and any critic is silenced through The Media, through their Puppet 'Experts' and, when none of the above works, by sheer lethal force. Furthermore, under the assumption that those supporting DU use are correct, we wonder: Where were these 'Experts' when Colin Powell told the World (via the televised speech at the UN) that the US had solid prove that Saddam Hussein had WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction)? The argument that was used for the Illegal and Criminal War against The People of Iraq? That is the power of The Masters and the important role that the balance between Ignorance and Knowledge play. One of the best blatant recent examples of how The Masters try to control Public Opinion is the NIST Report on WTC7 (World Trade Center Tower 7). The Government Experts still insist that the planes that hit The Twin Towers of the WTC caused the Free Fall of WTC7. See,for example, the explanation of a High School Teacher that seems more credible than the explanation of the Government Experts. We hope you try to think hard to decide in who to believe. It also helps if the approach you use is to follow the evidence rather than what you are told by your government as explained by the Physics 911 Net.

The winds are spreading the toxic radioactivity all over the region. This is why we must enter into action immediately.

Some of us, authors of this website, have lived under totalitarian regimes and are aware of what is happening. This distinct advantage gives us the possibility of warning the rest of The People about the ongoing horrors of Crime Against Humanity and those that will soon come.

The Masters are trying to take advantage of the high level of Ignorance and lack of organization of The Peoples of The World. They will try to impose a World-Wide government that will dismiss any individual need. Just imagine... If you cannot influence the policies of your own country now... what weight your opinion or vote will have when the whole world becomes under the domination of a few?

But we think that it is even worse. With the dictatorship rising to power, there shall be uprisings and there may be Civil Wars. Wars, as you should know by now, are great source of income for The Masters. But the next wars, in case you have not figured it out yet, will devastate the Planet and Depopulate The Planet, as The Masters have already declared that they need to do so (see the what the ultra-rich say about reducing our planet's population and see what the Georgia's Guidestones say).

What prompted us to urgently develop this website is the alarming rate of Global Destruction caused by Warmongering. We wondered:

Why is it that the energy of The People has been Directed/Focused into Issues that have no immediate urgency?

Examples of Wasted Human Energy and Intellect include the (in)famous Global Warming issue (now proven to be a devious plan of The Masters). Get a paper and pencil and calculate the amount of Human and Material Resources put into this. All the while The Masters were dispersing their beloved Satanic weapon loaded with Radioactive Waste (i.e. Depleted Uranium or DU) around The World. The consequences of DU dumping and dispersal has been disastrous, particularly for the Iraqui People. As the winds and sand storms move the radioactivity to other countries, The Peoples of other countries have begun to take notice. As the popular expression says: "Better late than never".

The New Roman Empire: The New World Order (NWO), has engaged its Multi-National Army: NATO, in the spreading of Harmful Radioactive Waste all over the World. Certain areas of Iraq now show Radioactivity Levels 10 times higher than those measured in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the US dropped Atomic Bombs (on civilian population). Genetic deformities are appearing all over. Powerful Images have been posted in Internet (search term: Depleted Uranium DU Babies). We give a few examples in our website. Some of the supporters of DU weapons argue that the genetic problems results from the fact that The Iraqui People are dirty and do not follow proper hygienic practices. Incredible! Only individuals without Knowledge (i.e. ignorant individuals) will accept that argument.

We believe that the agenda of the NWO is very dangerous to The Peoples of The World and that the results of it have reached Alarming Levels. The agenda is terribly Evil because DU is being spread at military bases and training grounds even close at home.

Fortunately, The People of Israel has taken notice of the harmful effects of DU. Israel Military has been using DU ordnance or munition (provided by the US) since its 1st war with Egypt in 1973. They have even used close to home (in the Illegally Occupied Palestinian Territories). The Israel WMs have used it in Experimental Weapons (such as DIME for Dense Inert Metal Explosive) against the Palestinians. Now, the Israelites are discovering the irreversible effects of DU.

The Masters have succeeded in carrying out their Evil Agenda thanks to a policy of Mind-Conditioning and Mind-Control that is well-known to those who work Behind The Scenes (i.e. Intelligence and Spy Agencies). Therefore, the only way to restrain The Evil Agenda is through Emergency Education of The People (which is what we are trying to do).

(Un)-DEPLETED Uranium as Weapon


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"It Is Fun To Shoot Some People."
Gral. James N. Mattis
(aka Mad Dog & Chaos)
He Had A Major Role In
The Assault On Fallujah (Iraq, 2004).

Attack On Fallujah

First Signs Of Hope
Italians Affected by Dirty Uranium
Will Get Government Compensation.

We are happy to learn that in mid December of 2011, the Italian government decided to compensate the victims of Dirty Uranium-Based weapons (aka DU weapons). This situation is very relevant because Italy has the 2nd largest seller of Military-Industrial Complex weapons (you know who is the #1). Below we give some clips that give some hope. This hope is based on the fact that The Italian People have experienced the Satanic Nature of NATO through its terrorist attacks on them. Therefore, The Italian People are more alert than the American People. Proof of this is the fact that their PM Berlusconi has had to "Face The Music" as they say. Unfortunately, we know The Power of The Beast and we fear that their Criminal Nature will make these triumphs short-lived through manipulation of the legal system (e.g. by drowning the verdict into unending controversy). Please, note that the clips are in Italian. We will upload English versions when available.


Do a good search on the above and you will be surprised how long ago DU gas was considered as an instrument of war not only to kill but also to destroy (forever) large geographical areas. Remember, DU sticks around for over 4 billion years (the age of the planet Earth).

Home (2009)
A High-Quality Documentary
Explaining Over-Population OR

Why The Masters Must Depopulate...
Curiously... DU Was Not Mentioned!(?)
Project Funded By The Masters?(!)


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