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2012 is here... The NWO saga continues...

ETs... UFOs... What a wonderful theme for The Peoples of The World! No more worries about the thousands of tons of Radioactive Waste The Masters have dispersed through the World. They have done this with their lovely Low-Level Radiological Ordnance (Depleted Uranium or DU Weapons). Now, to stop us from worrying about Radioactive Contamination, The Masters misdirect (refocus) our attention on ETs - as if we did not have enough with Pop Singers, Actors, Hundreds of TV Channels, Compulsory Shopping, etc. What a great Tool for The Masters: The ETs Are Here. They keep The People MisDirected from important social issues (see section 666 Tricks).

But there is more to "The Last Card" than just misdirection, confusion, etc. The Real Purpose is to condition our minds (make it our Zombie minds) to accept the next Big Event that will seal The New World Order (NWO) domination (including losing all our liberties and making us miserable like The Great Dictators did with their own peoples). Now, after our Great Leader signed the NDAA Bill, we will know what the FEMA Camps (and the 'gazillion' plastic coffins) are for.

We use quotes for "The Last Card" because, according to Carol Sue Rosin, her late boss (the famous Rocket Scientist Wernher von Braun) used this term. According to Rosin, "The Last Card" deals with the "Final" False Flag Operation (FFO) that The Masters will carry out to assert their Warmongering-Megalomaniac (WM) Dream of The NWO: The Empire of The Empires: Their Super Empire). "The Last Card" deals with a FFO that involves a new kind of Bogeyman, a new kind of Bin-Laden: ETs (Extra-Terrestials). For a whole century, The Masters has been exploiting Atmospheric Phenomena and preparing us with false images of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and, in more recent decades, with Crop Circles, Strange Cattle Mutilation Deaths, Abduction Phenomena, etc. While we believe that there is a definite possiblility of ET Life in our almost Infinite Universe, the sad realization (created by the FFOs that culminated in 911 of 2001) is that The World-Wide Police State is now facing us. For more information on the story of Dr. Rosin, click here.

We think that the following clip should be watched, particularly by the ET fans, for the sake of awakening to a different view of the ET phenomenology.

Note that the term Illuminati, as used by the late Bill Cooper, refers to people like GHW Bush (aka Bush Senior - ex President and ex CIA Director), members of Secret Society associated in a Pyramid-like organization. The following satirical clip (a real masterpiece despite its minuscule budget) gives a pretty good idea of what The Secret Society of The Illuminati is all about.


On 911 of 1991, GHWB introduced us to the expression "The New World Order" (no explanations given on its structure and function). GHWB liked to insert in his speeches (out of the blue, so-to-speak) the expression "A Thousand Points of Light" as if it were a secret code (known only to members of a Secret Society such as Skull & Bones - of which GHWB has been a member). Also, we believe that Bill Cooper's use of the term Luciferian refers to a group of very bad people such as WM in Power (WMP) who don't care about killing millions (see our section on War Crimes and War Criminals. These are the same WMPs that use the trillions of dollars in taxpayers to further their WM dreams instead of creating jobs, providing better health care, education, etc.

For those who are short on time, or who think that this subject is 'too far out', etc, the study of this section can be disregarded or left for a later day, when the rest of the material has been understood (digested) properly. The reason for this is that the subject relates to a future event thought to occur during 2012 (which is not too far away).

We note, however, that we consider the subject very important because it is guiding current events that are setting the stage for future events. Please, see the current situation with NASA and NATO, represented by the video clip given below.

NASA ET-UFO False Flag Operation
Already Started!!!

NATO False Flag Operation
Already Started!!!

If you have followed the order of our presentation, you probably realize by now that this science-fictional scenario seems quite possible because the techniques to fool The People are in the hands of The Masters. Furthermore, 'We, The Zombies' (the social class at the bottom of Society's Totem Pole) has been Mind-Conditioned to believe in ETs and UFOs (as the radio broadcast of 1934, War of The Worlds, showed). We explore a few possible scenarios here...

First, by now the reader knows that, for decades, the our Government has broken important International Laws. Although hard to conceive for the Layperson, our government stepped up its Illegal and Criminal actions with the Invasion of Iraq in 2003. The ever expanding illegal invasions in the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan) and Africa (Lybia, Sudan, etc) combined with the construction of the largest US Bases in the region (and the constant threats of invasion that the US makes to Iran) have been interpreted by many to mean a very possible World War 3 (WW3).

The current scenario reminds us of the scenario created by Hitler's first invasions of its neighboring countries: Austria, Poland (in collaboration with Stalin's Russia) and Czechoslovakia. At the beginning, several countries appeared to be trying to convince Hitler to stop his invasions. He kept the "double talk": saying one thing and doing another. In the end, when the major countries saw that Hitler's intentions included them, they declared war and this is how World War 2 started (WW2). Furtheremore, even though Hitler and Stalin had signed a secret pact of non-agression and partition of Poland, in the end Hitler (Germany) invaded Stalin (Soviet Union, consisting of Russian and a collection of other countries).

Second, a WW3 (controled by The Masters) will be an even Greater Bonanza Period for The Masters (whose major gains always come at time of war). The amount of money they would make would be beyond the wildest dreams of The People (who can't barely imagine what is having 1 Million).

We will not dwell on the issue of WW3 because it is dealt with in Internet video channels and websites (e.g. YouTube, Google, Top Documentaries) and because there are still not many clips on this issue (thus making it less difficult for the reader to discern between good and bad information).

WW3 sounds impossible for The People who are ignorant of the capacity of The Beast. We know, because like many architects, engineers, scientists, military personnel, demolition experts, pilots, etc, most of us initially found the concept too strange because we were min-conditioned to think that this situation was an impossibility.

However, a review of the information brought forward by the 911 Truth movement made us realize our lack of knowledge Reality (e.g. the arguments put forward by the 911 Truth movement). The public indictment by respectful individuals (e.g. 911 Truth movement) of the Government and the apparently un-stoppable advance of knowledge by The People about the evidence (911, Oklahoma City (OKC) Bombing, TWA800, Waco, etc), are sufficient cause for The Masters to get concerned about near-future actions by The People as History shows for The French Revolution. With the advance of Internet, and the recent triumphs of The People (as per The Puppet Media) in countries like Tunisia and Egypt (thought to be mediated by the CIA), The Masters has seen how fast The Peoples of The World can be mobilized. More recently, The NWO has advanced on to Libya and other countries. Therefore, The Masters may try to get ahead of any major movement that can reduce their ongoing destructive path for their World Domination under their New Roman Empire (aka NWO).

One of the clips we show in our website refers to the Martial Law Plans and Measures already implemented by the government (internment in the FEMA Camps, the power given to Militias of Homeland Security, veternans used for crowd control, etc).

Other clips shown make reference to The Tortures Approved by The US Government. Consequently, they may push The Red Button for their next FFO: The ET-UFO FFO. After all, they are quite ready for it today and they cannot risk waiting any longer because The People seems to be stepping out of Ignorance.

The Masters are betting on the Ignorance and Mind-Conditioning of The People and The Masters' great technological advancements kept secret by them from The People. The Beast in its Glory will make a Super-Production that could be compared to the movie: Independence Day - 4th of July (aka ID4).

This Super-FFO will combine the following Myths, already implemented (through mind-conditioning) by The Masters in the minds of The People:

1. Rockefeller's UFO Disclosure Project to Further Mind-Condition The People
2. The Already Mind-Conditioned: End Of The World on December 21st, 2012
3. The Already Mind-Conditioned: Prophecies (e.g. Aztec Calendar, Nostradamus)
4. The Media Mind-Conditioned ET-UFO Hopes and Fears (e.g. Hollywood, TV)
5. Propaganda-Reinforced Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilation, Abductions
6. Etcetera...

Given the situation we are today, it is not hard to imagine a situation where The Masters' tactics of "Divide and Conquer" is at its best. One of such situations can be India and Pakistan (both with nuclear capabilities) fighting for Kashmir (a consequence of British Empire Map Drawing). It is not hard to imagine also that the self-proclaimed 'Democracies' (just a commercial label) have fully functional "McCarthy Era Style" repressive states. [ Note that, prior to the McCarthy Era, there was a worse one at the beginning of the 1990s (search for it). ]

Better_Dead_Than_Red_01 Anti-Communism_Propaganda_01

Emile de Antonio produced a documentary on The McCarthy Era that deserves attention.

Let us further imagine that The Masters also take advantage of current developing excitement by The People about The Rockefellers' Pet Project Disclosure on ET-UFO. The Masters have been conditioning the mind of The People to the ET-UFO scenario since the beginning of the 1930s.
The idea has been to make The People gullable to the ET-UFO scenario that they have for the "Last Card": The ET-UFO False Flag. For those who have not had the opportunity to read about the history of the New World Order that the Spaniards brought to The Americas, we state the following:

When The Spaniard Conquistadores 'Discovered' The Americas,
The Natives Thought That The Conquistadores Were Gods or God-Sent People.
As a Result, The Conquistadores Were Welcomed With Open Arms!

Even before the 'Discovery of The Americas', The Masters of Ancient Empires used Scientific Knowledge to control The Masses. An example of such usage of Scientific Knowledge is the Religious Rituals based on Sun and Moon Eclipses. The effectivenes in controling The People via Eclipse Rituals is is the reason why The Masters of Antiquity (Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Inca, Aztec, etc) invested heavily in Astronomy. Their foreknowledge of Astral Movements was essential to controling The Masses as The Masters could fool The Masses to believe Deity-Related stories (which at the time were intimate part of Society). Having learned the History of how The Peoples of Antiquity were manipulated by The Masters through foreknowledge of Natural Events should give pause to those who are so excited with The Masters' Discovery Project. Particularly, The Masters do not have to wait for Natural Events anymore as they can now fabricate their own with their Black Projects Technologies (hidden from The People they intend to fool).

Are "We, The People" ready to replay The Natives and accept The Government Explanation for ETs (Like we did with 911)? Remember, this is The Plan for "The Last Card" as explained by Bill Cooper, Carol Rosin and other courageous individuals (e.g. Serge Monash).

Therefore, we better hurry up and inform The People of the situation that is about to be materialized in 2012. Please, note that the following clip is part of a numerous series of clips. We have tried to present the most relevant clips so that the reader's load is not excessive. [Note: This is the problem that we have with the Internet: Too much information may be used to confuse - a technique used by Lawyers working for Big Corporations].

The late Bill Cooper did an excellent job in warning us about the coming FFO with an ET-UFO scenario. One of his video clips was given above. Another is given below.

The ET-UFO FFO plan is described in The Report from Iron Mountain prepared for our government in the 1960s. Click on the image to obtain the report in PDF format.


This science-fiction scenario is sadly feasible by The Warmongers-Megalomaniacs (WM) in Power (WMP). We can imagine The Masters and their Puppets using a familiar saucer-shaped technology that brings down old asbestos-infested buildings (such as the WTC towers brought down on 911 - which were over-insured against terrorist attacks). Current 3D projections technology (aka holography) and military-grade explosive materials (e.g. barometric bombs, nano-thermite, and even tactical nukes) could be used for this purpose (after all, the ETs should have these, don't you think?). We suggest to the skeptic reader to do a search the Internet to get a shock on the phenomenal advances in these areas (e.g Project Blue Beam).

That The Masters have been playing with The People within the ETs and UFOs context is nothing new. Remember War of The Worlds radio broadcast of 1934?
This make-believe broadcast was a Research Project known as Radio Project, sponsored by one of The Masters' best: The Rockefellers.

The Masters would then convince The People that the ETs did "The Last Card" False Flag Op (FFO).
This would not be difficult. The Masters already proved that they could do it when we accepted their 1st explanation that the WTC7 free-fall was a result of the planes hitting the other 2 buildings (i.e. WTC7 was not touched by an airplane and fell the same way - search for it). But, don't feel badly, Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth admit that they had not given thought to the situation for a couple of years (see their professional presentation). The issue of the videos of airplanes hitting the twin towers has been well discussed following the deceitful NWO terrorist attacks. Several observations support the concept that the videos were a fabrication. 1st The nose of the aircraft remained intact through the steel-studded reinforced building. This is supposed to have been an error on the part of the Special Effects personnel in charge of 911 FFO. This error appears to belong to the series of erros of the 911 FFO planners as The WTC7, aka The Solomon Brothers' Buildinbg, was reported to have collapsed much earlier than it did. These mistakes have been exhaustively exposed on the internet. Yet, these mistakes remain untouched by the Puppet Media (aka Mainstream Media). 2nd As of January of 2012, the government has not produced evidence that shows an airplane hitting the Pentagon. Yet, the government collected all the video tapes that contained evidence. The same goes for evidence regarding "The Hijackers", "Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction", "Bin-Laden Involvement", etc. The 911 terrorist attack bears many similarities to the Oklahoma City Bombing. Obviously, the scope of 911 was(is) much greater. 3rd The 3 buildings hit by 2 planes fell by controlled demolition. This is supported by leading independent, experienced demolition experts.

The reader should watch the 1997 movie Wag The Dog

Before continuing, we would like to note that we have nothing against people believing in ETs and UFOs. We are just simply terrified at the thought that The Masters will manage to fool again The People with another FFO: The ET FFO for The NWO. The Masters will have much more difficulty in convincing a well-informated People that demands Proof and rejects Absence of Proof due to National Security (as done for JFK and 911 Conspiracies).

"The Last Card" ET-UFO FFO is very likely to be played during 2012 due to the great preparations that The Masters have been doing for this Big Event of NWO Domination. A graph of the topic key words should be a good measuring tool for accompanying the evolution of this FFO. The reason for the usefulness of this tool is that The Masters will give a green light (a go ahead) only when they are convinced that 'We, The Zombies' would buy into their ET-UFO FFO.

The ET-UFO FFO would give The Masters the justification to immediately curtail ALL of our Constitutional Rights. This would be easy as there are not many Rights left and as The Constitution has not been respected for decades. Those of us who remember, through direct experience, the dictators of the past century (Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc) can recognize the sign of things to come.

The reader could think: How can these authors think that we would buy such a Far-Fetched Story? Really?... What about the stories they sold us immediately about the Free Fall of building WTC7 and The Invisible Ghost Plane Hitting The Pentagon?

This Time, the Media will be better prepared and it will surely not fumble the ball like they did with their anticipated reports of the destruction of the WTC7 building.

To stretch the scenario a big farther we cite the work of Bill Cooper, Serge Monast oand Rik Clay on NASA Project Blue Beam. It is said that all 3 died because they got too close to uncovering The Last Card of The Masters.

We have prepared the following YouTube video playlist for an eye-opening introduction to the subject:


We will leave the technologies that can produce Crop Circles and Mutilated Cattles for the near future. Both Crop Circles and Mutilated Cattles (possible with current microwave and laser technologies) can be used in the Last Card FFO to communicate fear worldwide.

We end this section with some of the most revealing video clips on 3D-Projection available on the Internet. As better clips appear, we will place them here. However, since we may not always be available for working on the website, we recommend the reader that, before spending time in the clips below, a search the Internet be made for new-and-improved video clips on 3D Projection with the term 'Hologra' included. Note: For those not familiar with search engine coding, we explain that when the non-existent word 'Hologra' is used, the search engine will search for words containing it, for example: Holography and Hologram.



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