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Napoleon Bonaparte

We remind the reader that we use some concepts that may be offensive. While it is not our purpose to offend anyone, we believe that we must face reality just as medical students must do by touching, smelling and dissecting dead corpses and their guts. Medical students have to do this unappealing procedure (required in their study of Gross Anatomy) to better understand how the body functions and, therefore, how to Cure The Disease. On the same basis, we believe that in order to understand how we arrived at our current predicament, we must dissect the different factors that contribut to this predicament.

We depart from the Scientific concept that:

The Key & Solution Of The Problem Lies In The Mind.


Have A Look At Our Reality

It has been said that:

"Stupid Is As Stupid Does"
Forrest Gump (1994)

We do not agree with this concept as it does not have a scientific basis. That is, a perfectly normal person (belonging to "We, The People") can be conditioned (by The Puppets serving The Masters) to behave and function deficiently, stupidly, as a social Zombie (thus 'We, The Zombies').

Our interpretation agrees with that of the late Myron C. Fagan (check his 1967 lecture: audio, transcript).

This Mind-Conditioning is achieved by The Masters through: (1) Bad Educational System, (2) Lack of Encouragement for Educational Advancement, (3) Encouragement for Ignorance and for "Stupid" Behavior (through TV Shows, Movies, etc), (4) Promotion of Activities that Deviate from Important Issues (TV Shows and Movies that focus on Superfluous or Individualistic issues... never on Issues Relevant to The People as a Whole Social Group), (5) Promotion of Warmonguering Activities (e.g. Bloody Video Games that de-sensitize and addict the players about the killing of Innocent Civilians - acceptable collateral damage), (6) Confusing Messages (e.g. Hundreds of TV Channels without Social Value, Blogs About Reptilians, etc) to deprive 'We, The Zombies' of Focused Reasoning, (7) Etcetera. In short, while the boat is sinking (and we believe it is right now), 'We, The Zombies' are asking in what TV channel is American Idol showing. We bet that you are now used to accepting having a serious conversation while watching TV (we do not but we have witness this destructive phenomenon). Check the clip of comedian Carlos Mencia at the bottom of this webpage.

Keep in mind that the clips above are based on old techniques. With Digital TV, the Mind-Conditioning and Mind-Controlling Tools of The Masters have increased in number beyond imagination (as they can control with high precision the time to display specific subliminal images).

The concept we present is well-known by the Spy Agencies of The World (these spy agencies are euphemistically labeled Intelligence Agencies). Here is an example of why paying attention to Mind Conditioning is important for our fight against The Masters. Since this clip is an excellent piece of information, we encourage the reader to watch and study the interview with the Russian Spy on the Subject of Brainwashing (Mind-Conditioning) of Society (i.e. "We, The People"). The 1.5 hour documentary PSYWAR is very educational and should also be studied carefully. These are documentaries that are worth keeping for expert reference. The PSYWAR documentary also addresses (among many others) the important concepts of Democracy, Republic, etc. Democracy, Republic, etc, as taught to The People, are the concepts that were developed by The Masters for "We, The People". That is, The Truth of Democracy and Republic are the concepts that The Masters wants us to know (and no other). Other concepts are also worth studying.

Russian Mind-Conditioning Program


US Psychological Warfare Program

The current Lack Of Awareness or Ignorance of the "We, The People" (aka 'We, The Zombies') is one of the skits of the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC TV Network).


As shown by the Jaywalking skits of The Tonight Show, it would appear that our Young people (the one who fight the Illegal and Criminal Wars of The Masters) have no idea about their country's History (never mind about the rest of the world). Please, note that the skits cannot be taken aa scientific proof of the situation because it was not planned according to statistial procedures (as it is done for a scientific project). The skits were planned to make the audience laugh and increase the TV ratings. However, the success of the skits demonstrate that the audience ratings were good. Therefore, on the basis of these indirect results one may argue that The People think that being Ignorant and that Acting Stupidly is funny, sexy and glamorous. More on this topic later.

Furthermore, from the laughs of the audience, it also appears that being Ignorant is funny (we discuss this subject further down). This reaction by The People to ignorance is manipulated by The Masters to perpetuate Ignorance by Glamorizing it. We believe that when we think hard we can come to the conclusion that being Ignorant (this goes for the college students in particular) is a Major Sin and also A Sign of why things have gone as far as they have.

Scary Ignorance!
People Have No Idea Who They Vote For!!!
From The Howard Stern Show

Therefore, understanding how The Masters exploits "We, The People" (aka 'We, The Zombies') by taking advantage of Science and Technology is key to understanding how is it that we have arrived at our current dangerous predicament where Warmonger-Megalomaniacs (WMs) in Power (WMPs) are able to get away with worse War Crimes than those for which The Hitler's Gang was sentenced to Death.

Let us watch the following interview on the serious phenomenon, an illness, known as Anorexia (an eating disorder) which results from a trigger to a process of the mind: control/regulation of eating. As related by the young lady, at a young age her mind was triggered (by a comment made by her mother0 into wanting to thin down in order to please her mother.

In Medical terms, Eating is a normal (physiological) process regulated by groups or Centers of interacting neurons (nerve cells) within our brain. These Centers are stimulated or inhibited according to the various conditions of the body (e.g. low sugar, low water, etc). The regulatory process has evolved during thousands of years (millions if one subscribes to Evolution). In humans, the functions of the brain are so developed that these natural circuits (expressed as basic instincts) can be substantially changed (conditioned, modified and controled) by superior brain functions (e.g. depression).

Thus, understanding how the brain functions is key to understanding the current success that The Masters has over The People.

Please, remember that Mind-Controlling The People requires first the Mind-Conditioning of The People. Therefore, Mind-Conditioning is The Major Tool that The Masters uses but it must be used in conjunction with other tools. Thus, for example, everyone knew and knows that the (in)famous Election-Gate of the Bush-Gore Contest was crearly fraudulent yet, because everyone felt powerless (when in reality was not the case) and did nothing about it.

Another example was the (in)famous Illegal, Criminal and Un-Constitutional Pre-Emptive War against Iraq that has caused so much to The People and to The Iraqui People in particular. The People was conditioned to accept any story, however fraudulent, to commit an Un-Constitutional Act by attacking Iraq.

Therefore, our task is no different to our finding the mechanisms that result in the creation of an addict to a drug (from crack or heroine consumption, through alchohol and smoking, to hoarding and over-eating) or an addict to an apparent harmless (from gambling to a variety of uncommon sex practices).

The complex Un-Natural Function of The Mind, that follows certain events, has been well documented in recent years by the educational TV shows: Intervention and Hoarders.


As can be seen from the above TV shows, the solutions for these situations are not easy. The situations are further complicated when the training for such addictions start at an early age - as shown by the TV show Toddlers & Tiaras, Big Medicine, etc.


As explained in the videos below, the scientific basis for Mind Control of The People (by The Masters) is Mind-Conditioning of The People.

Mind-Conditioning Is Necessary For Mind-Control.

Mind-Conditioning was discovered by the Russian scientist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov.

Pavlov made his first observations on the phenomenon known as Conditioned Reflex while experimenting with dogs (at the beginning of the 1890s).

At the Cellular and Molecular Biology levels, the mechanisms underlying Mind-Control are explained in terms of the activation of connections between and among nerve cells and nerve connections that form what is known as Conditioned Reflexes. These reflexes, in turn, are modulated by hormones (some of which are intrinsic to the nervous system). These hormones regulate the stimulation, depression or repression of the nerve reflexes. Thus, for example, a Conditioned Reflex (e.g. killing Iraqui Civilians) would be enhanced or potentiated by the release of Adrenaline and Testosterone (hormones released during the excitement of playing a violent video game). As a video clip (given elsewhere in our website) shows, A Good Rock Music stimulates the desire to kill people (even when innocent civilians). This is by sheer physiological associations during the mind-conditioning phase (e.g. playing a particular Rock Music song during a Warmonguering Video Game such as War Gear, Battlefield, etc).

Pavlov's Discovery Applied To The People

The Greatest War Crime As Per Nazi Trials:
Planning, Preparation or Waging War of Agression

What Science has taught us is that:

An Apple falls from a tree according to the Universal Law of Gravity.

Likewise, there is a Universal Law that correlates the Mind-Conditioning of Humans (as Warmonguering Killing Machines) and Warmonguering (Human Killing Machines). This Universal Law of Warmonguering has been successfully applied and used for Empire Engineering (now under the guise of NWO).

If you are not convinced yet, do not worry. Just wait until you watch several Real-Life experiences that show how easy it is to do Mind Control. One interesting clip (not shown below for technical reasons) investigates how People can be induced to believe in False Prophets or False Gifted People. Click here to watch. We cannot over emphasize the importance of this clip because demonstrates how easy it is to fool people to believe in an idea such as "Yes, We Can" or "You Can Take That Money To The Bank", etc (you remember the Campaign Promises of our Nobel Peace Prize President. Another clip (shown below) demonstrates how the TV screen can be used to induced a hypnotic, Zombie state. Consequently, it is important to stay out of the TV screen as much as possible for it is a Tool used to mind-condition and mind-control of The Masters. This is the Tool used to implant the concept that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 911 and that he had WMDs (proven Lies). This is the Tool used to justify the invasion of Iraq. The same is now being done to justify the invasion of Iran. Of course, TV has been used to justify all the Imperialistic, Megalomaniac Warmongering of The Masters (courtesy of the Taxpayers - aka 'We, The Zombies' formerly known as "We, The People").


The Secret History of Western Education
The Scientific Destruction of Minds
You Will Understand Ron Paul's Position



The Skull & Bones Secret Society

Subliminal Mind-Conditioning
Targeting Children
WARNING! Sex Anatomy



It Is Easy To Make Good, Normal People Do Evil!

Unfortunately, both Science and Religion confirm that this a Human Behavioral Trait. This Human Trait has nothing to do with Nationality, Race, Ethnicity, Faith, Gender, Sexual Orientation, etc. It has all to do with Socio-Economical-Political conditions and The Relationship Between The Masters and The People. It is intrinsic to The Biology and The Social Nature of Humans (an animal species known as Homo Sapiens): The People Follow Their Leaders. Thus, it should not be surprising if a photo of your neighborly friend shows up on the newspaper in an article discusing that he/she is accused of torturing prisoners at Guantanamo Base (Gitmo). This subservient attitude of The People is a trait exploited by The Masters - particularly when strong and corageous leaders are absent. We do not criticize those who are ignorant and do not care for the problems that we face today because much of this attitude has been brought about by The Masters through its Puppets.

It should not surprise anyone that a large fraction of The People remains unaware of their destiny (much like farmers do not instruct their of animals their final destiny as human food). Every time a courageous leader rises, The Masters plots to "neutralize" The Leader (check CIA History of Assassination Plots: successful or not).

"We, The People" (aka 'We, The Zombies'), have potential for Good and for Evil. It does not matter whether we interpret this reality with Science or Religion.

There may be several ways to Counter Evil Governments. The great advantage that "We, The People" have today is The Freedom of The Internet (The Freedom has been challenged by The Masters (watch clip by Rockefeller and Internet). As of December of 2011, the likelihood that the Internet will remain uncensored is going down fast. There are even laws (bills) being considered that will allow the imprisonment of citizens who dare challenge the government (sound like good old-and-current Communist China, old Soviet Block countries, etc).

This powerful tool (i.e. Internet) did not exist before. The "Revolution" that took place in Egypt is a good example but, as the reader knows, the goals of that Revolution have been blocked (recent "free" elections seem to counter this concept). As we mentioned at the outset, here we address an approach that is based in Science and Technology. This approach departs from the concept that if "We, The People" learn the principles and mechanisms used by The Masters for their Evil Deeds, then we will have a better chance of defeating The Masters' Evil.

Collateral Murder - Wikileaks Webpage Video

Iraq_Abu_Ghraeb_Woman_Partying_01 Iraq_Abu_Ghraeb_Woman_Guy_Partying_01 Iraq_Abu_Ghraeb_Human_Pyramid_01

Application To Our Perilous Apocalyptic Present...

Let us say that a disinformed, ignorant kid (i.e. one that has not received proper education) plays a video game where murdering people results in a reward to the player (i.e. a positive point count). The kid never saw the images of the disaster caused by warmonguering. Therefore, he/she is oblibious to the consequences of warmonguering.

Let us further say that the player is offered several options: Nuclear Bomb, Laser Rays, etc. Each one with different point value. Let us also assume, as it is normal practice, that the kid is unsupervised and that has nobody explaining the evil nature of war. As the video game progresses the reward for murdering people increases. The more the player plays the game, the more conditioned the nerve reflex becomes (reinforced with increased testosterone levels - known to increase functional efficiency). This vicious chain reaction gets incorporated (and reinforced) into the mind of the individual.

The consequence is that a Zombie-Like individual is manufactured (born) thanks to mind-conditioning. This Living Zombie is willing to murder for The Masters, whenever The Masters turn-on The Trigger or Stimulus (see Section on Mind-Control). This human behavior has been coined as 'The Manchurian Candidate' phenomenon which, in reality, is not different to the Nobel Prize-winning discovery made by Pavlov with his experimental dogs (that later he applied to children). Experiments by others, have confirmed and demonstrated the power of mind-conditioning and its use in mind-control. The Masters' Goals are further helped with the increased Ignorance of The People (the more, the better).

Let us watch some related clips. Also remember that the situation today is very grave because our weapons are massively destructive (particularly small nuclear bombs such as those dropped in Iraq and the bombs and ammunition containing the radioactive waste, misleadingly-labeled as Depleted Uranium or DU).

How The Masters Manipulate The Mind
Religion, Political Ideologies, etc


Warmongering Mind-Conditioning is triggered (thus controlled) to its highest levels by a Trigger or Stimulus such as A Terror Act. An example of such a trigger was the Japanese Attack on the US Base of Pearl Harbor (December 7th, 1941).

The reader should remember that when World War 2 (WW2) began 2 years earlier, "We, The People" of the US were|was opposed to getting involved in WW2. For this reason, it has been proposed countless times (e.g. click here) that the US Government (with FDR as President) knew of the incoming Pearl Harbor Attack and that it decided to let it happened as it would trigger the Conditioned Minds of The People of the US (as the UK Masters wanted). Below, we give a documentary on the topic. Since this is an important Modus Operandi or Mode of Operation (MO) of The Beast, we will review the concept further down.


Here is an important clip from another documentary.

Here is the full documentary for the above clip.


Here is an example of a very chilling speech of 911 of 1941. We highly recommend the reader to pay attention to every word in the speech because it does explain the situation we live today and it does identify the MO of The Beast we are dealing with.

A year prior to 911, The Masters' Neo-Fascist Thinktank known as PNAC or Project for the New American Century put forward the idea that "A New Pearl Harbor" (e.g. the terror caused in 911 of 2001) would accelerate the implementation of the Expansionist plan for The New Roman Empire that they proposed. We give the text of this document in the link below (click the image).


This PNAC Plan was a revival of the Reactionary Ideology known as The Wolfowitz Doctrine and attributed to Paul Dundes Wolfowitz.


The Wolfowitz Doctrine is based on Wolfowitz's 1992 document entitled Defense Planning Guidance. The document was supposed to be for internal use of the Department of Defense but after it was leaked to the public through the newspaper The New York Times, the document met with strong opposition.

We recommend that the reader invest some time investigating Wolfowitz's history, contributions, etc, because all aspects of our current situation seem to end with him (although several others collaborated in this enterprise).

Wolfowitz may not be the Brains of The Beast but he certainly qualifies as an Architect. Therefore, we can say that Wolfowitz is the new NWO War Architect.

Please, note that as pointed out in the video War by Deception, there are other important PNAC documents that deserve equal or better attention than the PNAC document (the one that has received most attention and that we quoted above). We encourage the reader to investigate these additional documents, particularly those related to Afghanistan and Iraq and those related to New Biological Weapons targeting specific genetic traits in Arabs.

As shown in the previous video clips, Science has advanced enough to allow us understand what is The Game that The Masters are playing. The clip below gives a glympse of what was life like before and after of the Criminal Invasion of Iraq. Of course, everyone knows that Saddam Hussein was a dictator (who received plenty of support from the USA and its allies). However, the point here is that if the situation was bad before the invasion, after the invasion was unimaginably worse.

The Masters know that the Scientific approach they use is proven.
"We, The People" are fortunate in that this approach is published.
We, the authors of this website, are scientists familiar with the topic.
Therefore, we will try our best to provide a simple to understand explanation.

We have pointed out before the importance of studying well the 1934 documentary Dealers in Death. We believe that it is important to insist in this documentary because in 1934 it educated all the world about the reality of warmongering. Yet, we keep making the same mistake and letting our bought politicians create wars that only profit the Military-Industrial Complex. We reproduce this old documentary here for convenience.

History Repeats Itself


We would also like to emphatically recommend the study of the following full-length documentary:

The New American Century

"If Old People Could and The Young People Knew..."

Young People have the power to make the urgent changes needed. Rays of hope appear in the horizon with the recent win in New Hampshire of the old congressman Ron Paul, as his increasing success is mainly due to the great support that the young is giving him (despite the constant attack or dismissal by the Presstitutes serving The Masters).

Sadly, despite the existence of many awaken young people, most of the young people are, in general, unable to connect the dots because they are ignorant about history, about The Nature of The Masters, why "All Roads Lead To Rome", etc.

Furthermore, The Masters have created a great divide between The Young and The Old. Thus, The Wisdom of The Elders (gained from experience) is difficult to pass to the Young.

What percentage of Young People knows about The KKK, The Civil Rights Movement, The Constitution, etc? (Never mind the geography of the world).

The usual reaction that we have seen in blogs, video channels, etc, is to blame The People for this situation (the word "stupid" is used within the context of the subject dealt with in this website). However, we believe that it is The Masters (that controls the Puppet Government and that take all of our money) that have chosen to make The Slaves Dumb (Zombie) since this facilitates the stealing of their money for their WM Expansionist Dreams of The New World Order (NWO). It also facilitates the replacement of their Puppets, and any Criminal Operation that it carries out (e.g. JFK Assassination, USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin).

As it is known by Intelligence Officers (i.e. Spies and some Spionage-Related Professionals), our current situation is the result of a Planned Operation by The Masters. This is explained well in the clip we provide with the former Russian Spy.

Ask yourself: Would Young People Knowingly Fight For A Criminal War?

We like to think that the answer is: NO.

Yet, they do it because their minds have been conditioned for this. They are even taught to "Think by themselves" as some recruits told one of us. However, they would be Court-Marshalled if they refused to carry out an order they considered improper (e.g. Dumping Radioactive Waste repackaged as Depleted Uranium Ammunition).

Therefore, Keeping The People in Ignorance (Particularly The Young People who will die in the Wars) is part of The Game played by The Masters and their WMP.

Any Intelligence Officer (Spy) will tell you that focusing the attention of the Young on Rock, Movie Stars, TV Shows, Video Games, Drugs, etc, is in line with The Masters' Campaign of Disinformation and Misdirection of Attention (as magicians and illusionists do with their audience).

The best defense we have seen of the constant attacks on Ron Paul is given in the following video clip. Please, note that we do not adhere to the concept of Jew that is being portrayed in the clip. However, we do subscribe to the fact that powerful warmongering Zionists do have great influence in our society. Indeed, many of them, in addition to having dual citizenship, hold important posts in both our government and in the government of Israel. This is the only ethnic group that has been given such an exception to the law. For further discussion of our views in this subject, please consult our Appendix on Scapegoats.

We believe that:

A Therapy For The Mind-Conditioned Apathy of The People

Awakening Shock-Therapy.

This Therapy is not 100% Iron Clad. Therefore, it must be used with caution and at a slow-pace if necessary (always arguing why The Therapy is needed).

We propose that every single person (all ages, no exclusion) needs to be introduced to different levels (according to individual conditions) to the images of DU-Babies, Bodies Incinerated by Phosphor Bombs, etc, in order to never forget what has been done to The People of Iraq and to The People of The World by The New World Order (NWO) that The Masters are constantly selling us.

The mere fact of refusing to show the pictures to children will make the people think why is it that they do not care that the children of these countries have to be living in that nightmare 24/7/365?! This would be no different than exposing a child to the killing of an animal for the purposes of consumption (which most of us today don't have an idea about).

If "We, The People" do not wake up from our Zombie Trance and act soon, The Real Life Horror Movie will be

"Coming Soon To A Theater Near You"

as the old commercial used to say.

We end this section with long documentaries on the topics discussed.


NOT Politically Correct Humor (PG-18)


1st Step To Free Ourselves

1976: Movie Network


A Reminder From The Masters


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