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The story of the US Warmongering Megalomaniacs (WMs) runs long and deep. It suffices to just search, with your preferred Search Engine, the key words Major General Smedley Butler who, in 1934, denounced The Fascist Coup Attempt planned by a roster of well-known family names... By now you should be able to guess.

A few explanations have been given for the Coup D'Etat of November 1963. As with the 911 New World Order Kick-Off Season, the government explanation did not pass the simplest test. As with 911, the participation of the rogue WM faction in our best Middle-Eastern friendly country, was hidden by the NeoFascist Media Controlled by The Royal Elite. Whether this can be proven should be irrelevant as every citizen has the right and duty to investigate, and clear out when possible, the suspects. Not doing so fertilizes the ground for those who feed on attacking particular groups of society based on ethnicity, religion, etc.

Strong evidence has existed that justifies inquiry into the participation of Warmongering-Megalomaniacs (WMs) in Power (WMPs) of our friendly state. JFK's efforts to prevent the WMPs of our friendly state from manufacturing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) is given here. The reader should always keep in mind the context of the situation being analyzed. Namely, the failed CIA-Planned Invasion of Cuba (17-April-1961), followed by the Cuban (Nuclear) Missile Crisis of October 1962. The Missile Crisis brought about a Nuclear War among the 2 main super-powers of the time: the USA (America) and the USSR (Soviet Union). As we all know, JFK managed to prevent Nuclear War after an agreement was made with the old USSR. Several Middle-Eastern and North-African Arab countries were concerned with our friendly WMPs of the Middle East (their having WMDs) and, therefore, JFK had to act upon the situation as the USSR could not sit idle. Unfortunately, JFK was assassinated and our friendly WMPs are thought to have had a hand in the Conspiracy. As with any Possible Conspiracy (aka Conspiracy Theory) its likelihood must be investigated. It is up to the reader to do the homework.

Since we want to reduce the time that the reader invests in getting a primer on our WMs, and since our ongoing WM Apocalyptic path started with 911 of 2001, we think that the best example of The Beast's Mode of Operation (MO - Modus Operandi in Latin) is the equivalent of 911: The JFK Assassination. This MO is accompanied by a Criminal Profile that fits well both cases. Thus, it is not difficult to imagine that some participants in the JFK Conspiracy participated in the 911 Conspiracy.

Consequently, we have reviewed the material available in the Internet and have found that the most accessible and educational clip is the one given below because it has A Plot and A Cast of Leading Stars very similar to 911.

All the Soap Opera Episodes we saw (and still see) happening with 911 have been seen before with JFK Assassination. Therefore, it appears that both Operations followed the same Script of The Puppeteers (The Elite). Please, do follow carefully the clip and stop whenever you think you must (it is worthwhile because it is very instructive). At all times try to draw an analogy (there are many). Note that following the first clip we give the Confession of E. Howard Hunt (CIA Assassin). The clips that follow are supporting material. The reader may leave them for a later time. There are many more in the Internet.

The exercise we propose will allow the reader-student see the pattern (i.e. The MO). It is like the signature (or business|calling card) of the criminal

The JFK Assassination...
A Successful Recipe for 911

Confessions of a CIA Assassin

Confessions of a CIA Contract Agent
Chauncey Holt

We recommend watching the whole Interview-Documentary from the start as Chauncey Holt (The CIA Contract Agent) relates his beginnings with Meyer Lansky (most relevant Boss of The Organized Crime Inc) and with the CIA. To go to the 1st clip, click here. The beginning of the discussion of the JFK Conspiracy starts in clip 5: "Preparations for Dallas" - given below. The reader should make an effort to watch each and every clip starting with the 5th and ending with the 8th. Further information is given in elsewhere (e.g. click here).

Of relevance to the story is the identity of the killer of Lee Harvey Osvald (The Patsy in The JFK Conspiracy). Oswald's assassin was known as Jack Ruby, whose real name was Jacob Leon Rubenstein. Don't forget to do your own research: the best approach to real learning. The same goes for the clip that follows on the Wikileaks Documents related to The JFK Conspiracy. Please, do check also information on Louis M. Bloomfield, George Mantello (born Gy├Ârgy Mandl) and the CIA Front called Permindex. The study of these items makes it possible to formulate The Criminal Profile of The Characters in The 911 Movie. Knowledge of these pieces of the puzzle are sometimes painful but one must think of the Millions dead, mutilated, displaced and suffering following the Illegal Imperialistic Warmongering and War Crimes caused by The 911 Conspiracy.

A Missing Piece in The Puzzle
Courtesy of Wikileaks

Retired FBI Agent Sheds Light
Donald A. Adams

The 1963 Coup D'Etat:
The JFK Assassination

Complete Series:

Episode 1
The Government Overthrow

Episode 2
The Forces of Darkness

Episode 3
The Cover-Up

Episode 4
The Patsy

Episode 5
The Witnesses

Episode 6
The Truth Will Make You Free

Other Documentaries


Are We Ready For The Next Coup d'Etat?



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