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In our Mainpage or Homepage, we have given the reader a taste of The Beast's ID and MO (Modus Operandi). In the above images we show a general concept, model or paradigm for the identity of The Beast. We have dedicated a section to the fine details of The Beast - see Appendix: The Beast's Pyramidal Web. This is a multi-dimensional web in the Mathematical sense not in the Esoteric, Occult or Secret Society sense. By multi-dimensional we mean that The Beast's function is determined by multiple factors.

The important aspect to keep in mind by 'We, The Slaves' is that 'They, The Masters' (The Super Royal Elite that some like to call Illuminati) cannot function by themselves (i.e. they need us: The Slaves). Therefore, if The Slaves refuse to collaborate with The Masters, it will cause serious trouble for The Masters' Plans.

The only way for The Masters to deal with The Slaves is Repression and Genocide (which they have shown they are happy to carry out), for which laws and repressive apparatus are already in place (Remember the plastic coffins in the FEMA Camps?)

The Masters use The Puppets (War Criminals, Propaganda Machine, Enforcement Agencies, etc) to start their Criminal Wars so that the coffers of The Masters fill even more and their power over The Slaves can be further entrenched and secured (there is little left). Sadly, it is The Slave who (aware or not) act as Partners-in-Crime for it is The Slaves (through their Ignorance) who fund The Elite and The Puppets, and act as Assassins for The Masters. We are happy to see that the recently started movement: Occupy Wall Street (OWS) shows promise in curtailing the explosive advance of The Elite.

This is why the term The Beast seems appropriate. Below we discuss several topics relevant to the Identity of The Masters. However, we believe that it is highly beneficial to listen to a former Hit Man for The Masters: John Perkins. Mr. Perkins gives extremely useful information about the Iraq policy prior the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Briefly, according to Mr. Perkins, the fallout occurred because Saddam Hussein would not sell out his country to the US.

The Myth of The US Wealth

Although The Myth of US Wealth is practically gone, there are many who have been convinced by The Masters (thanks to their Media Talking Heads) that Wealth in the speculative Wall Street (i.e. in the financial speculative sector of society) is a better measure than Wealth in the goods sectors (as if producing Credit Default Swaps is more productive than producing Agricultural products). The first number offering some hope (to those who like to believe in The Beast) was given by the Non-Farm Payroll on Friday, March 9th of this year (2012). That number will be excellent during the dreams of the hopeful (those who still have not caught up with Reality).

This Deception Campaign is crucial for The Masters' World Dominance. Thanks to this deception, The Masters can make or break a country by pressing a key in a computer keyboard (i.e. because we have given that power to The Masters).

In the older days, The Masters did not have this Eficient Tool. Thanks to computers, The Masters can also place whoever they please to lead the government. By Design, The Elite and The Puppets have made it possible for a candidate to win with only 2% of difference in votes. For any person with Mathematics and Statistics background, this is against good Science. Moreover, it has been proven that Computerized Elections can be rigged much more easily since flipping or creating 2% of the votes needed is harder to detect by Forensic Investigators (specially because the Corporation contracted to do the Counting do not release their Software Code).

In other words, if things continue the way they are today, it is certain that The People's Candidate will never win. Below we give some videos that address the issue of the catastrophic financial situation fast approaching...




In our opinion, The Masters (with their Worldwide Organization) use the USA for their World Domination (only because at the moment is the country with biggest army for waging wars). This issue has been dealt with (from the Monetary Point of View) by the documentary The Money Masters and its more recent version The Secret of Oz. It would be educational for the reader to study The Letter from The UK Government to a member of The Richest Family In The World. This letter is known as The Balfour Declaration of 1917.

The Whoring NeoFascist Media constantly praises the great achievements of the billionaires in our Society. When we compare the time dedicated by The Media to The Poor, we wonder what kind of world we are living in. It does good to remember the words that the late comedian George Carlin uttered about this subject.

It is all a Charade for The Media and its Presstitutes. Yet, there are many who buy this Fantasy World and prefer to take The Blue Pill.

We believe that it is very important for the reader to watch attentively to the award-winning documentary The Secret of Oz.

Below we give this important educational documentary and an excerpt of the American Bankers Association (ABA) plans to take down the US government (as per their Superiors in Mother England).

We hope that by the end of our Crash Course you will be able to "Connect The Dots" or Integrate this multifaceted approach of World Domination by The Elite.

PBS Frontline:
10 Trillion And Counting

The Masters That Own The US

The Secret Of Oz

UK Bank Calls For
Financial Crisis
In The USA


Lessons From The EU
The Scam...

There are several documentaries that we recommend the reader to watch before proceeding in our discussion.

The educational documentaries The Money Masters and The Secret of Oz demonstrate the concerns of The Elite about losing their power to democratic-thinking leaders such as Lincoln (who introduced The Greenback). Below are some images from the older documentary.


Powerful Banksters have also been implicated to the assassination of JFK. The basis for this Conspiracy Theory is that JFK was going to cut them off as Lincoln tried to do. Indeed, JFK introduced the Executive Order 11110 only a few months before his assassination. This subject is only used here as illustration of how far The Elite is willing to go. The reader should be diligent in their homework to expand their knowledge on Reality (excluding The Media).



A 1936 Hollywood Tribute to
The Rothschilds'
High Moral Standards



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