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Inspirational Charlie Chaplin
Hollywood's The Great Dictator

This website is A Work In Progress...

As we enter 2012, we are pleased to have found, cross-checked, and confirmed, the mechanisms underlying our current apocalyptic predicament.

We have tried to cut down the amount of information given in the subject (we estimate that the curtailing has been done at at least a thousand fold).

We have tried to provide a Road Map and a Compass to simplify the study. In simple terms, we have synthesized the idea to a fight between The Masters and The Slaves. This fight has been simplified thanks to the destruction of the Middle Class by The Royal Elite. Therefore, we are in a road to having only The Very Rich (The Masters) and The Very Poor (The Slaves).

We have been saddened by the finding (from reading social network writings) that most interested people spend little time studying the subject (requiring deep thinking). Instead, most individuals engage in fruitless, counter-productive arguments, and namecalling. We believe that this is the result of the manipulation of 'We, The Zombies' by The Royal Elite through the NeoFascist Propaganda Machine and the Educational System. Thus, for example, we recently came across an individual who was complaining about Iran having depleted uranium and visiting Cuba. Obviously, this person had not spend time studying the issue (there are other interpretations), for otherwise this individual would have pointed in another direction for the guilty parties (who have used at will the hazardous radioactive waste). Namely, the person followed the information given by the NeoFascist Media that never explains that the democratically-elected president of Iran was austed by the US through a CIA-planned coup d'etat (1953).

What common human being (the 99%) can justify the spiralling investment of Trillions upon Trillions of Dollars (paid for by: 'We, The Zombies') for the only purpose of War Crimes committed against the peoples of the world for Global Domination? This seems counter-intuitive for those struggling to make ends meet. All of our tax dollars go to the Military-Industrial complex, to illegal invasions, etc, but never to health-care, education, habitation, etc. This behavior is consistent with The Royal Elite wishes to curtail the world population to less than 500 Million.

Where did those Election Campaign Promises of our Nobel Peace Prize Laureate go to? Once again, 'We, The Zombies' (we now prefer using 'We, The Zombies') were taken for a ride (so to speak) by The Royal Elite. Indeed, the signing of The NDAA Bill on December 31st of 2011, was the final nail in the coffin hammered by the Nobel Laureate President.

The mere consideration of this Paradox demonstrates the Great Evil that We, The Zombies are confronting today. Even for those who are not religious, the word Evil cannot escape the mind, for Evil represents all the ill-purpose actions committed by those we call Humans.

Our Apocalyptic Predicament was explained in 1993-96 by the late Bill Cooper (Heroe and Martyr for the Freedom of The Slaves: 'We, The Zombies'). His contribution to us is based on a 1916 book he found in a bookstore of old and/or used books. We focus on Bill's NWO Warning of 1993-96 because of the following reasons.

1. It does not focus on a specific ethnic or religious group (with which we agree 100%). Therefore, he does not show any attitude that may be used by the powerful enemy to silence the argument.
2. It is based on his many years of research and experience.
3. It is consistent with Bill's original prediction of 911 (June 2001 - one month before the other prediction made in July of 2001). [NOTE: The reader is invited to check YouTube for evidenciary confirmation.]

The Secret Society-based explanation given by Bill seems a fantasy for us - aka: 'We, The Zombies'. However, this explanation is based on a real World-Wide Plan of the leaders of the Secret Societies (for more information, see Appendix: The Beast's Pyramidal Web).

The Leaders of these Secret Societies are used to Human Holocausts (where the word holocaust is defined as a Burnt Sacrifice or Offering to a deity or idol). Indeed, History demonstrates this irrefutable fact (see our Main |Home page). For these Leaders, the sacrificing of Millions of Human lives (be it with pyrophoric and radioactive bombs, napalm, etc) is a price that has to be paid to achieve their dream of The New World Order (NWO).

This psycopathic criminal profile (worse than that of serial killers) was best expressed by President Clinton's Secretary of State: Madeleine Korbelov√° Albright, as shown by the clip below.

When one discovers that the leaders of powerful nations, including our own, belong to these Secret Societies and that most of our founding fathers were members of Secret Societies (click here for more), we are left with little doubt that we have entered in the final push for The NWO or The New Order of The Ages (in Latin: Novus ordo seclorum - as seen on the back of the one dollar ($1) bill). This final push by The Royal Elite will require further Holocausts for their Deity - recognized by different names: Sun God, Lucifer, Satan, etc. Without further due, here is what Bill left us as a great warning that we have not heed. We highly recommend to the reader to make a list of the Presidents that have belonged (and still belong) to Secret Societies. This is a hair-raising experience. We next recommend the reader reviews the complete version of the speech by President John F. Kennedy (JFK) on Secret Societies (given elsewhere in our website but reproduced at the bottom of this page for convenience to the reader). We ask the reader to put JFK's speech into context as his speech was done only a few days after the failed CIA-planned invasion of Cuba. Check also our webpage Appendix: JFK Conspiracy...


Unfortunately, with the strong grip that The Royal Elite has on the State and The Media, we doubt the only hope we have for the 2012 Presidential Election will be fulfilled. Furthermore, even if we are wrong and the candidate is elected, there is a high probability that he will meet the same destiny of JFK or of Pope John Paul I who tried to fight the corruption in the Vatican.

Fortunately, loosly speaking (sic), at least we know what the FEMA camps are for and what its millions of plastic coffins are for.


Position in 2011

Position in 1998-2012

Below we give an artist extreme interpretation of The Grave Dilemma that The People is facing.

"We, The People"
Now Know Who Is He Working For
June 4th 2009

December 31st 2011

Finally, we remind the reader again to study the Hollywood film Wag The Dog. This satirical film shows how the government is capable of elaborating another false flag operation (FFO) to take us into war so that our Nobel Peace Laureate President is re-elected (or else, uses the NDAA to prevent elections).

Wag The Dog Trailer

Celebrating 666's Death


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